Controlling the distribution of confidential documents


Almost every individual and entity, be it a business or large organization, Government, Military, etc., face a pertinent issue: how to control the distribution of confidential documents.  But, more importantly, how to prevent these documents from being distributed in an unauthorized manner is a grave problem given the lack of a mechanism forbidding this action. … Read more

3 Best Paraphrasing Techniques for Digital Marketing Campaigns

If you are planning a digital marketing campaign for your brand’s endorsement, you must also be planning on creating multiple contents. Creating blog posts and social media content is mandatory to keep any brand’s online presence alive. However, with a lot on your plate, it becomes difficult to create multiple contents manually. Here comes paraphrasing … Read more

7 trends in the education of the future

Emphasis on Continuity in Learning Any professional will tell you that to improve his performance he doesn’t need to be separately distracted by additional training. Therefore, perhaps the future of modern education is partly in the application of a system of continuity. A digital approach to the organization of the educational process Nowadays computer and … Read more

How to fix KMP External Codec cpu arm64-v8a and play unsupported videos?

KMPlayer is the most common and widely used media player on iOS and Android devices. One of the main reasons for this is that it is capable of supporting advanced video formats while consuming less power.  The only problem that most people encounter is the KMP external codec cpu arm64-v8a is not easily available … Read more