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If you are a new computer user, you might not be too familiar with certain applications that could improve your overall experience. Let’s take a look at what you can consider computer essentials. You do not have to bother with every single category mentioned in this list, but getting all of them would be quite useful.

Cleanup Utility Tools

Cleanup utility tools are not something that comes to mind when talking about commonly used computer software. Nevertheless, such tools are quite handy, particularly when you want to remove temporary system storage and free up drive space.

Recent trends also show that quite a few cleanup utility tools come with extra features, such as cybersecurity systems. Whether you want that included comes down to personal preferences, but for now, focus on the cleanup part.

According to online reviews, CleanMyMac X, AppZapper, and Hazel are the top choices for macOS. As far as Windows goes, CCleaner and Avast Cleanup are the two standout options.

Internet Browsers

If you have a MacBook, Safari will be the default internet browser option. However, this does not mean that you need to stick to Safari exclusively. No, you can also check other available options.

The same thing applies to other operating systems. If there is a browser you want to check, go for it. Perhaps you want to test different features and extensions. Or maybe you want a browser that emphasizes privacy and security? Performance plays an important part as well, given how some browsers are notorious for RAM consumption.

Music Streaming

The days of hoarding media files on your device are gone. Right now, people are using streaming platforms. Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and other platforms offer hours of entertainment on the go.

Talking about music, Spotify is a platform that seems to be the choice. It is free, though advertising can get a bit annoying at times, that can be solved by getting a Premium version.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage gives you an opportunity to transfer important files to a secure location and access them from not just your computer but also your smartphone or tablet.

MacBook users have iCloud, though they can also try Dropbox and Google Drive. For Windows, pretty much any cloud service other than iCloud will do the job.

These services come with a few gigabytes of free storage. However, the provided amount is not necessarily enough, and you will likely need to subscribe to a monthly plan for additional space.

Document Editing

Editing videos, images, text documents, and other files should not be an issue regardless of your operating system. The necessary tools are usually part of the package, and you can expect to find integrated software.

However, some editing tools might lack certain features. For example, if you work as a video or image editor, you will still need to find professional alternatives.

Security Tools

Even if you are well aware of cybersecurity threats online, it is still a good approach to install reliable antivirus software that runs in the background, detecting and deleting potential threats.

Other than antivirus, you should also consider an ad blocker extension for your internet browser. After all, some websites implement aggressive ad policies and force you to click on ads that might lead you to dangerous landing pages.

Media Players

Despite the availability of streaming platforms, it is still a good idea to have a media player on your computer. You might want to watch a video that you downloaded online or transferred from external storage to your computer.

Now, choosing the right media player might be more difficult than you expect. Even though most modern players support the necessary video formats, you might find the UI of certain players too clunky. There is also the argument of getting a free option or paying for a video player.

Overall, going with VLC is probably a decent solution as it is a free-to-use video player that offers pretty much everything you want in a video player.

File Compression and Extraction

Whether it is to save some drive space or collect multiple files into one for convenience, you will want to have a file compression and extraction tool. For that, we recommend 7-Zip as it covers all the basics and does not take too long to download or install. And once you use the tool a couple of times, you should become pretty comfortable with it.

Data Backup

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Backing up data regularly is a great habit to have. You cannot predict when something might happen to your device’s hardware. The odds of a cyber-attack are there as well.
If you own a MacBook, get an external storage device and use Time Machine to back up files. And if you have Windows, it would be better to avoid the built-in backup tool because it is not too reliable. Instead, use EaseUS, Paragon Backup, FBackup, or other similar tools.

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