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After purchasing a new computer or reinstalling the operating system, the first thing that you need to do is install apps. Exploring new apps is amazing, and most of the applications won’t cost you anything more than the download time. 

Let’s step through essential apps for both Windows and Mac that every user should install right away without thinning much as these Apps will only improve your productivity. 

Google Chrome

Chrome has ruled the world of browsers for the past couple of decades, and the credit goes to its speedy performance. Apart from a big library of Chrome extensions, the browser lets you search images instantly for the relevant keywords. 

Cross-platform syncing allows you to open your tabs on phone, tablet, desktop, and laptops. Google is a one in all browsing platform that gives you a quick glimpse into images, videos, shopping stores, maps, and more.

MKV Player

MKV files are multimedia container formats that are a combination of media files that have video or audio and captions or subtitles, even if all these components use distinct coding. QuickTime Player on Mac cannot play MKV files due to compatibility issues, so you require a third-party application to run these files on your system. 

You can play MKV files on a compatible media player, or you can install an appropriate codec to play these files in your preferred media player. Some of the best mkv players for mac include Elmedia Player, VLC Player, Movist Pro, Mac Blu Ray Player, MPlayerX, Plex, and Perian. 

Google Drive

If you are looking for picking an app for Cloud storage, Google Drive will be your best bet. The reason is that most of the cloud storage options give you 2 GB of free storage, whereas Google Drive gives you 15 GB of free space, and you can upgrade your package anytime later. You will get an app for almost every major platform; therefore, you can take your files along wherever you go. 

Apart from syncing files that you have stored on the dedicated folder, you can backup folders to any external drive or your computer using the desktop app. It allows for easy file sharing, and you can use it as a backup drive. 

One Note 

OneNote is a personal notebook that comes with a powerful feature to capture content right from anywhere. The browser extension allows you to send webpages to a notebook or instruct OneNote printers to print out a fully formatted document or scan a paper using your smartphone. 

OneNote comes pre-installed in Windows 10, and you can even use the desktop app that comes with Microsoft 365 suite. One of the best things is that the application is compatible with running over macOS, and you can use it on any smartphone, including Android or iOS. 


If you have tried a number of free and paid music streaming services, you must know why Spotify is the best. The enormous catalog and the impressive auto playlist are some of the features that help Spotify make a place on the home screen or the desktop. Spotify Premium allows users to listen to their favorite tracks in offline mode. 

You can instantly transfer your music playlists from other music apps to Spotify in just a few clicks. It enables you to play music from your library. Even if you have deleted your playlist from Spotify, it’s easy to recover and restore it. If you can learn a few keyboard shortcuts, you will be able to use Spotify even more efficiently. 


An all-purpose messaging application that allows easy collaboration between team members while they are working from a remote location. If you are looking to download a productivity app, Slack is one of the options. It allows the distributed workforce to stay connected with each other via real-time messaging. 

It’s often considered a productivity suite as you can also share files with your colleagues and management in no time. Your communications are encrypted to ensure high security. Slack is available for Windows as well as macOS, so file compatibility is not an issue. Some features include Giphy integration, private channels, file sharing, and increased support for multiple work teams. 


If you are looking for a comprehensive package to manage your to-do lists and task manager, try Things. The latest version of the application gives it an aesthetic look, making it more useful than ever. Add descriptions, upcoming tasks, automated reminders, checklists, and a lot of other things to manage your work schedule effectively. 

If you don’t want to pay right away for the task management features, you can use the trial version of the application for free. Once you are satisfied with the features and functionality of the application, go ahead to buy the premium version that allows access to more power-packed attributes. 

Based on your computer’s storage capacity, you can even download some high-end video editing apps like Lightworks, VideoPad, InVideo, etc. You can also try installing image editing apps such as Luminar, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Pixelmator, etc. 

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