Best Bluetooth Speakers under Rs.2000 in India [Best Brands]

If you are a music lover and are looking to buy a high-quality speaker but don’t have the budget then don’t worry because in this article I have covered the 10 best Bluetooth speakers under Rs.2000 in India which includes some of the famous brands like JBL, Philips, Boat, iBall, Logitech, etc.

If you are buying the speaker for the first time but don’t know what factors affect the sound quality of the speaker then don’t worry because I have included a buying guide for you.


JBL is one of the best companies in the technology field making one of the best headphones, speakers, and many other audio products. JBL Go is just another best Bluetooth speaker available under Rs.2000 also. You can rely completely on JBL Go if you are planning to buy an entry-level Bluetooth speaker for your room. 

It is a premium audio electronic device that includes features like a noise cancellation speakerphone, long press button, and aux cable. 

The wireless speaker is in the shape of a box and is available in blue, red, orange, and black. It is designed specifically for comfort and looks, the speaker can be used anywhere around the home. The frequency range of the JBL Go Bluetooth wireless speaker is 180Hz – 20 kHz.


  • It is very compact and lightweight (132 g), so you can easily carry it wherever you want. 
  • There are 5 buttons for Power, Bluetooth, Volume Up, Volume Down, and for taking calls. 
  • It also has Micro USB port, AUX cable port, and microphone are present on the speaker.
  • It has a built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery that supports up to 5 hours of playtime.
  • You can even access Google or Siri from the JBL speaker with a simple button press. 
  • Available in 8 colors
  • Has USB charging port
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • No micro SD card slot

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boAt Stone 600 Water-Proof and Shock-Proof Wireless Speakers (Black)

Another famous brand that produces high-quality speakers is Boat. You will find a lot of their products are available at a budget price because their biggest market is in India. And Boat Stone 600 is the best Bluetooth speaker under Rs.2000 for those who need a rugged speaker for outdoor usage. It has 10 Watts of speaker unit delivering a full 360 degrees HD sound. You get up to 8 hours of uninterrupted playtime with a single charge. 

It comes with an advanced Bluetooth 4.0 technology which is optimized for delivering crystal clear sound and consuming less energy. The frequency range is 80Hz-18KHz. 

Boat Stone 600 is waterproof and thus can be outside such as near pool area, showers, group camping, etc. With a built-in microphone, you can easily answer the calls, change tracks, or adjust the volume without picking up your phone. 


  • It is AUX compatible and has 12-months of warranty.
  • You can use Boat Stone 600 near your poolside or in showers because it is waterproof. 
  • The rock-solid rugged design protects it against any drop. 
  • It is universally compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS. 
  • Get 8 hrs of playtime with a single charge. 
  • Perfect for poolside because it is waterproof.
  • 10-watt speaker output
  • Bluetooth 4.0, 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Built-in Mic
  • 8 hours of battery backup
  • It is heavyweight

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Portronics Sound Drum POR 871

For a compact stereo experience, Portronics Pro -871 sound drum is the best choice for you. It is a compact cylindrical-shaped wireless Bluetooth speaker that has two speakers at the sides facing opposite to each other.

The best part is it has a powerful FM tuner built-in which supports all the radio channels. The internal antenna is so powerful that there is no problem with signal reception whatsoever.

Unlike other wireless speakers it is cylindrical and not cuboid but what makes it stand out is the quality of the construction. The speakers are water-resistant.

It has two 5W speakers that output a total of 10W RMS which is sufficiently loud enough so that you can use this speaker to play even in noisy environments. The sound from the speakers doesn’t distort even when played at maximum volume. 

It has an 1800 mAh Li-ion battery which can last up to 7 hours of continuous music playback.

The Portronics has the latest Bluetooth 4.2 protocol which provides an effective playback range of about 10m. The supplied aux cable can be used to plug in this device to any other media player around that doesn’t support Bluetooth. 


  • It has a builtin antenna that you can use to play FM tuner and also supports AUX and USB.  
  • It supports up to 7hrs of continuous music playback
  • Solid and stable drum shape that gives a very classy and stylish look to the speaker
  • It has an International Protection rating IPx6 which means it is water and dust resistant and can be used outdoors too. 
  • The two powerful 5W in-built speakers produce an unbelievable crystal clear sound output which you can also use it for outdoor use.
  • Stylish look & solid build
  • Water & shockproof
  • Powerful dual speakers
  • Good Bass and balanced audio
  • It shakes a bit at high volume

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Philips BT50B

This little wireless speaker is the best wireless speaker under Rs.2000 that you can carry anywhere with yourself without feeling the slightest of bulk.

The Philips BT50B provides an amazing sound quality on the go. With the anti-clipping function, it allows for loud and distortion-free music to its experience. It has a range of 30 feet and is one of the few Bluetooth speakers that offer a maximum streaming range. 

The battery life can last for up to 5 to 6 hours in one full charge. The anti-clipping feature allows users to play loud music without compromising audio quality. It has a 300 Mv to 1000 Mv signal range of the device that protects it from damage by distortion.

It has a 360 degree sound experience and the user can experience every beat of the tune without worrying about the connectivity range, streaming, or compatibility problems.


  • It has a very premium and neat look with rubber body
  • The anti–clipping feature makes sure you can experience uninterrupted music even on low battery
  • You can use it for 5-6 hours. 
  • It is very lightweight and is suitable for car mounting.
  • Lightweight
  • 360 degree sound experience
  • Provides a range of 30 feet
  • Not waterproof
  • Not suitable for outside use

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Boat Stone 260

If you are looking for a portable wireless speaker under Rs.2000 that you can take with you on track, cycling, or poolside then Boat Stone 260 is one of the best wireless speakers for you. 

It is also available in various designs and if you are a fan of various IPL teams then you should surely check it out. It has designs for Mumbai Indians, CSK, KXIP fans. It is very compact and weighs just only 23gms.

You can get up to 4 to 5 hours of playback time per listening session which is not too much and neither too small. It is equipped with a micro USB cable and 1000mAH of rechargeable battery for your endless nights and early mornings. 

You can even utilize the SD card slot in times of poor connectivity. With Bluetooth V5.0 wireless connection you can connect it to a various wide range of devices. 

The best about it is that it is IPX5 certified so you don’t need to worry about accidental shocks or water splashes.


  • Handy and portable design with funky graphics
  • Splash and shockproof (IPX5 certified)
  • It gives a clear and loud audio quality.
  • It is available in seven colors
  • IPX5 water-resistant
  • Good sound quality and excellent build
  • Compatible with smartphones and tablets
  • No call receiving functionality

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Boat Stone 200

One of the best features of Boat Stone 200 is that it is an IPX5 certified speaker with amazing sound quality. It is specifically built for outdoor usage. It is quite handy and portable so that you can use it anywhere you want like during swimming, cycling, tracking, etc.

The body of Boat Stone 600 is constructed of a durable rubber matte finish that makes it shockproof and offers all-around outdoor protection against dust and water. 

You can enjoy up to 10 hrs of music at 80% volume which is 3x longer than any other portable speaker of this size. The sound quality of this speaker is really good compared to size and price. It has a 5mm driver for an amazing bass experience.


  • Enjoy up to 10 hrs of battery life in a one-time charge.
  • The rubber matte makes it shockproof and protects it from dust and water.
  • You can use it near the poolside, tracking, and cycling.
  • Durable rubber body material
  • IPX5 certified that helps it protect from any shock or water splash.
  • Up to 10 hrs of battery
  • No Micro SD card port.

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Logitech X50

If you thought Logitech only makes gaming mouse, keyboards, monitors, etc. then let me tell you that it also makes wireless speakers. And Logitech X50 is one of the most popular Bluetooth speakers priced under Rs.2000 available in India which is built to give a high-quality sound output with nice bass. 

The build quality is really good and it gives it a premium look. You can also attach a strap and hang it anywhere you want. It has the latest version of Bluetooth which you can connect with any smartphone but if you have any songs or films on your hard drive then you can also connect a micro-USB cable to it. 


  • The build quality not only protects it but also gives it a premium look.
  • It also has a USB port for micro-USB cable.
  • Solid build quality and portable round design
  • Loud sound experience with nice bass
  • Bluetooth range of up to 10 meters (Line of sight)
  • The battery backup is very less

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Mi Basic 2

Xiaomi is known for making affordable consumer electronics products such as mobiles, TVs, earphones, etc. The Mi Basic 2 is also the most affordable wireless Bluetooth speaker built for Xiaomi for indoor use.

Speaking of the design, it is not very fancy or extraordinary. It has a very minimalist design. The speaker is available in black and white. 

It has a dual speaker setup that faces forwards and a passive bass radiator which makes sure the sound is sufficiently loud enough to fill a medium-sized room. The dedicated bass radiator produces a rich bass output along with the stereo surround effect from the twin speakers. 

The only disadvantage is that it will work better indoors and not outdoors.


  • Inbuilt mic helps you to attend voice calls.
  • The rubber pads at the bottom of the device will make sure the speaker is in place and will also help in dampening the vibrations in case you play the music on full volume.
  • You get 10 hrs of battery life for continuous music.
  • It also has AUX input and Bluetooth 4.2 version for higher compatibility and a more stable connection.
  • It is very compact and lightweight and weighs only 50 gms.
  • 10 hrs of battery life
  • Compact design and weighs only 50 gms
  • Supports AUX and Bluetooth 4.2 version
  • Not suitable for outdoors

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iBall Soundstick BT14 Bluetooth Speakers with Remote

iBall is one of the famous and well-known electronics companies in India which is known for making audio devices, computer accessories, and various other electronics items. 

iBall Sound stick BT14 is the latest addition which is designed by using premium industrial technology and materials. The sleek design of the speaker makes it attractive and stylish. 

Unlike other wireless speakers, it has a remote control with which you can control the speaker. You can change the track, play/pause, and do many other things with it. 

It uses a lithium-polymer battery that allows for fast charging and the playtime of the battery can last for 6 hrs. It is also Bluetooth enabled which is perfect for playing music at house parties, on the beach, and in other outdoor activities.


  • The frequency range of 120Hz~18kHz. 
  • The charging time is about 2 hours and the battery backup depends on your usage but normally it will give you 5-6 hrs of playback time. 
  • Good quality with durable features and accessories like a wrist band and carry case
  • It has built-in FM radio and rechargeable batteries. 
  • The remote access of the speaker helps the user to control the speaker from anywhere (under the vicinity of the speaker). 
  • Remote access using a remote control
  • Built-in FM radio
  • Stylish design
  • No USB slot

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Soundbot SB571 12W Bluetooth Speaker

Soundbot is one of the best wireless speakers under Rs.2000 for users that want a piece of loud music without compromising the sound quality. The speaker offers a crystal clear bass experience and the listeners can experience each note and tune of a song.

It is rectangular and looks very trendy and classy. It is 6 x 2x 1.6 inches in dimension and weighs 476 gms which is a bit heavy. The average battery life is 12 hrs. 

The speaker comes with a 12 Watts capacity paired with a 40 mm premium driver that offers HD quality sound effects for both indoor and outdoor. 

You can connect to the speaker via Bluetooth but if you have a device that doesn’t have a Bluetooth feature like a hard disk then you can also connect it via an AUX cable.

 The speaker is compatible with android and iOS devices. You will also be able to do hands-free calling for easy switching between listening to music and answering phone calls when connected to a phone. 


  1. The design of the speaker is very appealing
  2. You can even receive and answer calls.
  3. It has a battery backup of 12 hrs.
  • 6 watt + 6 Watt speaker output
  • 12 hrs of battery backup
  • Loud and clear audio
  • Good sound and bass quality
  • Not water resistant

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How to buy Best Bluetooth Speaker under Rs.2000

Battery Life

Battery life is a key parameter to consider if you don’t want to keep recharging your speaker every hour. If you are planning to take your speakers with you on a day trip or on a hike then you should consider the battery life as you won’t be getting any charging point to charge your speakers.

Usually, small speakers have smaller batteries that don’t last very long but it is not the case with every speaker, but you can expect the larger one to last for at least 24 hrs. While smaller ones have a typical length of operations of four to ten hours.

The louder you play the speaker the more current it will consume and the battery won’t last long. So make sure whichever Bluetooth speaker you are going to purchase has long battery life.

Sound Quality: How to know it without testing?

Sound quality is one of the most important parameters. If you are going to purchase a speaker then you would want to purchase one that has a good sound quality.

But how can you know the sound quality of a speaker without even using it? There are 4 parameters you need to look at before you purchase any Bluetooth speaker.

  • Output Power – It refers to the watts emitted by the loudspeaker which is closely related to the sound pressure in decibels, that is, the volume. A 15 – 20 Watts speaker is enough to produce a sound of 80db and can be easily heard in outdoor environments.
  • Frequency range – Another factor that indicates the sound quality is the range of frequencies it can emit. The audible spectrum for a human being is 20-20000 Hz. If the wireless speaker cannot emit the sound in this range then there will be sounds that will be miss. Hence the more range the Bluetooth speaker covers you will more clearly perceive the sound.
  • Sound System – Each system has a certain number of channels. These channels are each of the speakers that are going to emit the sound. You might have heard of 5.1 or 2.1 etc. the 5 here is the number of full-range speakers and 1 is the subwoofer for bass. 
  • Impedance – Impedance is also known as resistance is expressed in ohms. The higher the resistance the lower the power with which the speaker will emit sound. To make things easy remember that the lower the impedance the better the sound quality will be.


The Bluetooth speakers are available in a variety of sizes such as conical, cuboid, or cylindrical. The sizes are aimed at portable operation and for packing it into the luggage. Generally, the larger ones have a better sound quality and also longer battery life.


Besides wireless connectivity is also better to have an option for the wired connection too so check for an auxiliary connector. It is generally marked as “Aux-in” on the specifications page. 

If you want to save battery on your smartphone or speaker then a wired connection is a better alternative. 

 Bluetooth version

All the modern speakers are equipped with the latest Bluetooth versions but if you are using a speaker with an older version of Bluetooth then you will have some problems pairing devices. You should look for Bluetooth 4 or a better version as this adds support for Low Energy profile, for better battery life, and also has 60 meters of connection range. Bluetooth 5 is the latest standard but there is still time until we see speakers adopting this standard. 

Connect multiple speakers

This option can be found in very few Bluetooth speakers. Suppose you have a big room and a single speaker is not able to produce enough sound so you might want to connect various speakers at once and blast some music on it. To achieve this some Bluetooth units do have a mobile application that allows you to manage the connection of several speakers at once.


Since Bluetooth speakers are portable that means you will take them with you anywhere and place them anywhere, even near water. As you know water and electronics don’t mix, so it is better you purchase a waterproof Bluetooth speaker. You can use this speaker even at the poolside or beach.


If you are a true music lover or looking for a real-life gaming experience then you should be willing to invest in speakers that are of high quality. Now, this doesn’t mean you need to shell out a lot of money to purchase a high-quality Bluetooth speaker. You can buy them for under Rs.2000. That’s why I have created this post on the best Bluetooth speaker under Rs.2000. In this list, you will find high-quality speakers under Rs.2000 and these speakers are produced by top brands such as Philips, Boat, JBL, etc. If you have any doubt or query you can ask me in the comment section.

Thank You!!!

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