Best Free Photo Editing Apps for Android

With so many photo editing apps on the play store sometimes it seems confusing to choose which app to go with and which to discard. 

So here is a list of 39 best photo editing apps for android. 

 39 Awesome Best Free Photo Editor App for Android Which Will Make You Go Viral


best free photo editor app for android
39 Best Android Apps For Photo Editing

1.) Airbrush

Airbrush has a 4.8 rating and more than 10 million downloads is one of the best free photo editor app for android. 

It has a very easy to use interface. 

It has all the basic features such as blur, crop, stretch, slim etc. 

To beautify your face it has blemish and pimple remover through which you can eliminate unwanted spots from the face. 

You can even whiten your teeth without looking like over-whitening. 

To get that perfect skin you can tan your skin to achieve perfect and glowing perfection. To get that extra glow on your cheeks you can use a cool blush or rouge feature. 

Easily share your photos across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. 

It contains ads and in-app purchases also. 


* You can slim, lengthen or reshape any area of your photo.

* Blur feature helps you give more depth to the photo and keep only important things in the photo. 

* Includes filter that adds natural looking makeup to your face. 


2.) AfterFocus

AfterFocus has a 4.2 rating and more than 10 million downloads.

AfterFoucs helps you in creating a DSLR-style background blurred photo by simply selecting focus area. 

It has a very advanced feature which automatically recognizes the focus area precisely even for a complex object.

With Motion blur effect you can create more realistic blur effects. 

It has a wide variety of filters to choose from like Bokeh effect and many more. 

It contains ads.

It also has a PRO version. 


* The app has Smart focus area selection where you simply draw few lines to distinguish between focus and the background area quickly, and it will create a real background like blur effects.

* Supports lens blur / motion blur zoom blur.

* Supports natural and manual background fading.

* You can apply separate effects to foreground and background.


3.) Adobe Photoshop Express: Photo Editor Collage Maker

Adobe Photoshop Express has a 4.3 rating and more than 100 million downloads. 
It has all the basic editing tools such as: 
✅ Flip  
✅ Red-eye removal
✅ Exposure
 White Balance
and any more. 
With blemish removal, you can remove spots, dirt, dust, pimples and many more. 
It includes 80+ filters and effects to choose from. 
You can even add watermark to the images. 
You can easily share your images across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. 
With collage maker, you can create a collage and choose from a wide variety of grid layouts.
With noise reduction features you can minimize unwanted grain and speckling in night photos or low light photos. 
It supports various photo formats such as: 
 arw (SONY)
 cr2 (CANON), crw (CANON)
 erf (EPSON)
 raf (FUJI)
 dcr (KODAK)
 mrw (KONICA)
 nef & nrw (NIKON)
 srw (SAMSUNG)
 orf (OLYMPUS)

* It supports RAW photo format.
* Reduce fog and haze in photos.


4.) Afterlight

Afterlight has 4.3 rating and more than 5 million downloads.

It has 27 fully adjustable filters out of which 14 guest filters are by various Instagram users and new seasons filter pack include 18 filters.

It also has 66 textures which include a range of real and natural light leaks we created with 35mm film and instant film. 

It also includes all the basic editing tools such as crop, temperature, saturation and 15 more. 

It also has over 77 different simplistic and adjustable frames, paired perfectly with Instagram. 

The end result is polished and professional photos. 

It has in-app purchases. 


* An excellent user interface. 

74 unique filters.

* 78 natural textures.

* 128 frames. 


* 15 image adjustment tools.


5.) Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom has over 10 million downloads and 4.3 ratings.
Using High Dynamic Range (HDR) you can automatically expand the range of exposure so that you can capture from brightest to the darkest tones, and recreate the scene exactly as you saw it.
It also includes all the basic tools like:  
✅ Brightness
✅ Contrast
✅ Saturation 
✅ Warmth
✅ Vignette
and much more.
You can organize your photos easily by giving star ratings and flags. 

With Adobe Sensei’s power of artificial intelligence, it can auto-tag the photos based on what’s in them and where they were taken. 

With Adobe Creative cloud you can back up your original photos and access them on their devices. 

Easily share photos to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and more.
It has in-app features.

* With ACR integration it now supports latest cameras and lenses.

* It also supports wired ethernet support.


6.) B612

One of the best free photo editor app for android is B612 which has 4.4 rating and more than 100 million downloads. 

This app is specifically designed to take perfect and interesting selfies.

It has more than 40 types of filters and the ap can remember your favorite filters so that you can choose them instantly. 

By tapping on the random option the app chooses the right filter for you. 

More than 1500 stickers to choose from. 

Supports various drawing effects that you can draw while recording a video. 

With high-quality music videos, you can pair your videos with it. 

Augmented reality stickers are available on specific devices only. 

Contains ads but has no in-app purchases. 



* It has no shutter sound so you can take a selfie discreetly, anywhere.

* Vignette option automatically adjusts to the filter you chose. 

* You can choose a variety of collage options to create an interesting selfie collage. 

* It supports social media sharing. 

* It also supports boomerang videos. 



7.) BeFunky Photo Editors

Befunky photo editor is another best free photo editor app for android which has 4.5 ratings and more than 10 million downloads. 

Just like its name, it is indeed a funky app but at the same time, it has a very simple interface. 
No registration is required, there are no ads and neither any watermarks to worry about. 

With collage maker, you can create a collage of up to 9 images. 

You can choose from a wide range of fonts. 

You can edit the photos up to pixels with flashpot remover, teeth whitener, blemish fixer and much more. 

It also has a wide variety of stickers and photo overlays to choose from. 

It has over 32 effects namely:

✅ Duotone
✅ Chromatic
✅ Tilt Shift
✅ Orton 
✅ Gritty HDR 
and many more. 

Simultaneously you can save to BeFunky, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr, and your phone Gallery.

Although it has in-app purchases.  



* Huge collection of stickers and overlay to choose from.

* Wide range of fonts. 

* Over 32 effects to choose from.


8.) Bonfire Photo Editor Pro

Bonfire photo editor pro has a 4.3 rating and more than 100,000 downloads. 

It has over 110 filters and effects to choose from. 

It claims that the app is well optimized with an artificial intelligent algorithm such that all the filters or effects are refined with machine learning methods for an optimized human vision. 

It has all the basic beauty enhancing tools such as blemish remover, skin smoothening, improved skin complexion and many more. 

With black and white HDR filter you get more 16 different types of tone filters which are optimized for the human skin.

For cool effects, you got features like blur face, magnifying glass, different lens effect. 

Supports all the basic features like temperatures, highlights, RGB adjusting, brightness etc. 

It uses OpenGL ES 3.0 to accelerate image processing algorithms so that your android phone works like a supercomputer. 

You can easily share your edited photos with your friends via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and many more social networking site.

Also contains ads and in-app purchases.


* Its fancy filter turns your photos into watercolor. 

* It also has a filter through which you can convert your selfie into a magazine cover photo. 

* Also includes filters that turn you into Sim City character. 

* You can easily compare the preview of your edited photo with the original one. 


9.) Big Lens

Big lens has 4.1 ratings and over 10 thousand downloads.

Using simple gestures you can instantly modify the focus and blur area with their fingers and enhance and retouch focal areas to make the subject of your photos.

Allows you to compare the preview of the edited image and original image. 

With a single gesture to instantly change the blur level of the out-of-focus area.

It also offers 9 unique lenses that allow out-of-focus light points to blur into shapes like hearts and stars (Bokeh effect).

More than 18 filters to choose from that allows you to enhance color, contrast, LOMO effects and many more. 

Using basic geometric shapes or a lasso tool you can auto-focus your target or you can choose an advanced mode to manually define your focus area.

It contains in-app purchases. 


* Supports 18 filter effects.

* You can view before/after preview.


10.) Camly

With a 4.2 rating and more than 5 million downloads if you are looking for an android app for photo editing purposes with a simple and user-friendly interface then Camly is the perfect app for you. 

Its home screen consists of a basic enhancement option for the users to choose from which makes it less confusing for the users. 

It has a wide variety of stickers to choose from.

It has professional editing tools consisting of:


✅ Optical Exposure

✅ Hue
✅ Color Temperature
✅ Saturation
✅ Fisheye
✅ Cutting and rotating tools  
and many more. 

It consists of a wide variety of collage layouts. 

It also has a background frame option where you can select your preferred background image and add bright creative hues to your photo.

When posting your photos with #Camly tag on social media will choose your best photo and post in on their social media profile. 

It contains ads and some in-app purchases. 



* Zoom blur creates the effect of movement on the photo which is usually captured in the camera. 

* Pixels turn individual part of your photo into pixels. 

* Simple and user-friendly app.


11.) Cymera

Cymera has a 4.4 rating and over 100 million downloads. 

With its beauty camera, you can beautify your skin by removing wrinkles, erasing face pimples and dark circles.

It has over 130 filters to choose from.

Filter packages include selfie package, national flags, pastel color and many more. 

For collage making, you can choose up to 9 photos with a variety of different type of grids.

With 200 different kinds of natural hairs and makeup items, you can retouch your photos easily. 

Supports face recognition, concealers and teeth whitening. 

Supports 7 different camera lenses.


Supports all the basic editing tools such as mosaic, red-eye removal, contrast and much more.

With a wide variety of AR stickers such as an animal mask, love stickers, light effects etc. you can bring the fun to your photo and is one of the best free photo editor app for android. 


* Take a snap with selfie stick by connecting the phone to the stick via Bluetooth. 

* With body shaping features you can slim your waist, lift your hip and so much more. 

Variety of fonts in text feature.

* Supports 10+ languages such as Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese etc.


12.) Cupslice Photo Editor

Cupslice photo editor has 4.2 rating, over 500,000 downloads and works with 4.1 and above android operating system. 

It is free to use, has no ads and no in-app purchases. 

It has more than 400 stickers to choose from. 

Supports more than 50 advanced types of photo editor effect. 

Includes all the basic kind of editing tools such as Black & White adjustment, brightness & contrast adjustment, hue/saturation adjustment, color balance adjustment. 

Shows live previews of your edited photos. 

You can even create stunning collages. 

Share your photos across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. 


* The app tries to keep up with the latest trends so your stickers are usually up to date. 

* Supports typography type quotes. 

* Supports various kinds of frames. 

* It also includes stickers of various types such as funny, cute, vintage, quote, music, birthday and much more.

It doesn’t contain any in-app purchases.

13.) EyeEm

EyeEm has a 4.3 rating and more than 10 million downloads. 

If you want to make some quick bucks using your photography skills then Eyeem is the best app for you. 

New photos are daily promoted on their app, website and social media sites. 

You can even license your photo on EyeEm market and other premium photo sharing services like Getty Images. 

You as a photographer have all the controls of your photos like copyright and licensing part. 

The app supports exposure correction for better stability of the images. 

Includes a wide variety of filters to cater to your needs. 

Includes basic features like Contrast, Saturation, Sharpen, Fade and many more. 


* It has a community section where you can connect with other photographers and pick up tips and tricks about photographies. 

* 20+ adjustable photo filters to choose from. 

* EyeEm splits the proceeds 50/50. 

* With ‘missions’ you can shoot specific photos for the theme and get awarded. 


14.) Facetune

It has a 4.0 rating and more than 5 million downloads.

When it comes to using the editing tools they are neither too aggressive or not soft when implementing them. 

Due to its variety of options to choose from it was awarded a Google Editor’s Choice App tag. 

In case you took a group selfie and you totally messed up with your smile then don’t worry as you can widen or refine your smile. 

It also has a tooth whitening tool to hide your yellow teeth 😜.

You can even cover up your pimples and scars and lighten up your dark circles to enhance your skin. 

Remove your white or red-eye effect. 

You can: 

✅ Refine jawlines

✅ Heighten cheekbones and eyebrows
✅ Retouch your nose
✅ Transform your face into any fun shape.

For beautiful selfie, you can focus or defocus, blur your background, add filters and frames, create a mirror image etc.

Contains ads and in-app purchase. 


* Improve lightning or add special effects. 

Add color to your lips. 

* Enlarge or shrink a specific area of the image.

* Fill bald patches and remove stray hairs. 


15.) Fotor Photo Editor – Photo Collage & Photo Effects

Fotor photo editor has a rating of 4.5 and more than 10 million downloads. 

It is one of the best free photo editor app for android and a must have one. 

With fotor events, you can gain exposure and earn rewards and profits and get recognized by some of the leading brands such as Uber, Sichuan Airlines etc. 

With PxBee (stock photo marketplace) you can license your photos and earn everytime someone uses your photo. 

Supports a massive range of filters and effects with all the basic editing tools such as vintage, B&W, kaleidoscope and much more to enhance your photos. 

Contains ads and in-app purchases. 


* Supports magazine and classic type of collages. 

* New weekly update contains all the latest and trending stickers, borders, photo frames, filters and fonts to help you stay updated.

* Supports 10 completely customizable edit functions.  


16.) Instagram

Instagram has a rating of 4.4 and more than 1 Billion downloads. 

You might have not expected Instagram to be in this list but it is indeed one of the best and free photo editor app for android. 

It offers all the basic editing tools like:

✅ Brightness

✅ Contrast
✅ Saturation 
✅ Warmth
✅ Vignette
and much more.

One bit annoying feature of the Instagram app is that you can’t crop any photo according to your needed dimension meaning it has to remain a 1080 X 1080 px always.

You can choose to crop the image in the phone’s gallery and later upload it on Instagram but otherwise, it is a most simplistic and convenient way of photo editing. 

The best part is that since it is also a social networking site you can directly share your photos on the app. 


* You can choose a wide variety of options to change contrast, brightness, apply filters and much more.


17.) Lapse It

Lapse it has a 3.8 rating and more than 1 million downloads. 

Want to create a time-lapse of sunsets, clouds racing across the sky or a busy mob? then time lapse is the most perfect app to record it. 

Put your phone on a tripod and leave it for few minutes or even for an hour or two lapses it will record everything for you. 

It will allow you to choose the rate of capture, choose exposure, ISO, focus and white balance. 

Even the time lapse has millisecond precision of up to 240x. 

You can even capture photos at an interval ranging from milliseconds to hours. 

Easily share across Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and many more. 

It contains ads and in-app purchases.



* Create a slow motion or fast motion videos.

* You can choose any song from your library as the soundtrack of your video. 

* You can even schedule the capture to start and stop automatically. 

* Supports stop motion and clay animation mode with onion skin.


18.) Open Camera

Open Camera has 4.3 rating and more than 10 million downloads.

The best thing about this app is that it is open source. 

It supports basic features such as 

✅ Face detection 

✅ Antibanding
✅ ISO and exposure controls
✅ Auto stabilization
✅ Shutter control
✅ Countdown Timer 
✅ Voice trigger 
and much more. 

You can click a photo by making a noise such as whistling or saying “Cheese”. 

You can even apply date and timestamp, location coordinates.

You can even zoom in or out via multi-touch gesture or single-touch control.

It is free, has no ads and no in-app purchases. 


* Supports Mi Band 2 & Amazfit Selfie.

* Supports video recording. 

* GUI can be optimized for left-handed users. 

* Supports noise reduction and dynamic range optimization for better images. 


19.) LightX Photo Editor & Photo Effects

LightX Photo Editor has a 4.6 rating and more than 10 million downloads. 

With its advanced feature, you can cut out any part of the photo and superimpose it on any other background using the Lasso tool which makes it one of the best free photo editor app for android. 

You can merge photos using blend mode options such as dark blend and light blend. 

With color splash photo effect you can apply different types of color, light and gray photo effects on different regions of photos. 

To enhance your face it supports various tools such as: 

✅ Various selfie filters

✅ Remove pimples and blemishes 
✅ Whiten your teeth
✅ Change hair color and apply different hairstyles
✅ Blur background

Supports various photo filters such as vintage, retro, black and white, drama and many more. 

To improve your body features you can use tools such as refine tools and for cartoon features you can choose to reshape tools. 

For photo collages yo get a wide variety of collage templates and grid layouts. 

Contains various filters and stickers such as birthday, love etc. 

You can share your photos across various social networking platforms. 

It supports ads and some in-app purchases. 


* Provides a wide variety of beauty enhancing tools. 

* Supports different types of blurs such as a lens, bokeh blur, and background blur. 

* Wide variety of filters and stickers. 

* You can even doodle and add different types of fonts on your photos. 

20.) Pic Collage

Pic collage has 4.6 ratings and more than 50 million downloads. 

You get to choose from hundreds of pre-designed templates to share on different occasions. 

If you are feeling confused as to what layouts to choose or what grids to use then there are tons of different layouts and grids options to choose from. 

You can choose from a wide variety of grid layouts and pre-designed cards to create a collage and even make one print on a custom phone case or greeting card.

Layouts and background colors can be tweaked easily to fit your editing requirements. 

Other editing tools include freeform doodling, animations, image adjustments etc.

You can even add up to three videos in the grid layout. 

With PRO version you can remove an enforced watermark, and restricted access to stickers and backgrounds. 


* Best for multi-image grids. 

* Wide varieties of pre-designed cards and grid layouts for every occasion such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, birthdays etc. 

* You can even add videos in the grids.


21.) Photo Director Photo Editor App, Picture Editor Pro


Photo director is one of the best free photo editor app for android which has 4.6 ratings and over 10 million downloads. 

The minimum requirements for the app to function are: 

✅ Android 4.1 and above

✅ 1GHz processor
✅ 768 MB RAM
✅ 480×640 screen resolution 
✅ ARM CPU, Tegra 3 and above 
 JPEG / PNG images only

Easily crop out a photo bomber using a content-aware removal editing tools.

You can even remove a haze, fog or mist weather like conditions. 

It supports all the standard photo editing tools such as:

 Adjust HSL sliders and RGB color channels
✅ Brighten up your pics using brightness, darkness, exposure and contrast sliders
 White balance correction and tweak saturation from any images. 
 Making amazing collages using collage maker. 

It contains ads and in-app purchases. 


* You can apply live photo effects while you take a snap. 

* You can set the mobile wallpaper within the app without leaving the app. 

* Share photos to Instagram via instafill. 


22.) Photo Effects Pro


It has a 4.4 rating and more than 50 million downloads. 

It requires the lowest android operating system that is 3.1 and above.

You can choose from 40+ awesome filters and effects such as: 


✅ Saturation
✅ Fisheye
and many more. 

You can easily add texts with nice fonts. 

Variety of fun stickers which are easily editable with touch. 

Collages can be made from various different collage layouts and grid layouts.

Supports various standard tools such as crop, rotate, saturation, flip, contrast, brightness and many more. 

Easily share photos across Facebook, Instagram, and other various platforms. 

Although it contains ads but free of any in-app purchases.


* You can also create a magazine type of cover photo. 

* No internet connections required. 

* No in-app purchases are required to use any feature.

23.) Photo Lab

Another best free photo editor app for android is Photo Lab which has more than 4.5 ratings and more than 100 million downloads. 

You can easily convert your photo into an artwork using more than 50 pre-set styles.

Supports face swap and a wide variety of filters and stickers such as pirate, astronaut and many more. 

With features such as Black & White, neon glow, oil painting, and many others you can create stunning images. 

With photo collages, you can add various filters such as you and your friend floating in a sentimental or futuristic setting. 

It requires internet connection to function. 

It supports ads, in-app purchases and also includes watermarks.

You can share your photos with your friends via Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and many more. 


* With the weekly update, you get new filters and effects to try out. 

* It supports over 640 filters, frames, and effects. 

* Includes cards, effects, sparkling frames through which you can create images for various occasions. 


24.) Photo Mate R3

It has 3.8 rating and over 100,000 downloads. 

It is a successor of Photo Mate R2 so it is not very popular and needs some time to evolve. 

It has an advanced feature to organize your images such as you can filter and sort your images depending on metadata like camera, aperture or ISO.

It supports various formats like jpg, png, psd as well as Canon Raw (cr2), Nikon Raw (nef), Sony raw (arw), Adobe DNG, Panasonic Raw (rw2), Olympus raw (orf) and a lot more! 

To can edit raw files like cr2, nef, arw and many more. 

It has all common editing tools such as: 

✅ Shadows

✅ Vibrance
 Chromatic aberration
and many more. 

It supports various layer based and threshold-based adjustments such as gradient, brush, lasso and many more. 

It contains ads and in-app purchases. 



* Compare images side by side. 

* Shows geo-tagged images on the map.

You can label or keyword your images.

25.) Picsart

Picsart has a 4.5 rating and over 100 million downloads. 

Picsart is undoubtedly one of the best free photo editor app for android on the play store. 

Picsart contains 100s of free templates to choose from to create your favorite type of collage. You can make templated, freestyle arrangement and grid styled collages.

It also has all standard editing tools such as:

✅ Crop, clone, stretch

✅ Frames 
✅ Backgrounds
and many more. 

It also provides 100s of fonts for adding text to create memes.

Supports a wide variety of custom stickers and cliparts to choose from. 

Drawing can be one using customizable brushes, layers, and professional editing tools. 

With daily challenges, you can learn new editing tricks and upload it for others to see.

With remix chat, you can edit an image with your friend as 1:1 or as a group. 

With Picsart Gold you can get access to thousands of effects, filters, fonts, frames, and masks. 

It contains ads and has in-app purchases. 


* The Picsart community uploads 1000s of photos every day which you can use as a background for your photos.

* Picsart camera helps you snap pictures with amazing live effects. 

* You can also create GIFs easily. 

* With remix chat, you can edit an image with your group. 


26.) Pixlr

It has a 4.4 rating and more than 50 million downloads. 

Pixlr is one of the finest android apps for photo editing as it has an ‘Editor’s Choice’ tag. 

Using double exposure you can layer multiple photos and blend them together. 

You can easily style your photo using pencil drawing, ink sketch, and many more such effects. 

To remove red eye, blemishes and pimples it has your back. 

With various fonts, you can create memes too. 

Focus on one color with a color splash or add impact with focal blur.

Once you are done you can share across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or other favorite social networks!

It also contains ads and in-app purchases. 


* With over 2 million combinations of free effects, overlays, and filters you can create a stunning image. 

* Auto fix can easily balance out colors in your photo. 

* Resize images quickly and easily after editing.


27.) PolyGen – Create Polygon Art


Polygen is relatively a young app with a rating of 3.8 and more than 100,000 downloads. 

Polygen helps you in creating a poly art. It lets you generate crystal patterns automatically or manually by hand. 

You can create as many polygon patterns as you can. 

Polygen patterns can be used on mobile or desktop wallpapers, avatars or social media backgrounds. 

You can also add them as an illustration on blogs and other social media sites. 

With its instant preview, you can compare your edited pics with the original one. 

It contains ads and has in-app purchases.


* Polygen is the best app to create a poly art. 

* The app contains simple and easy-to-use interface. 


28.) Prisma

Prisma is one of the best free photo editor app for android which has more than 50 million downloads and 4.3 rating. 

Prisma transforms your photos into artworks using the styles of famous artists such as Munk, Picasso as well as world famous ornaments and patterns.

It contains more than 800 modern art filters.

You can easily share it on Facebook, Twitter and many more. 

It contains ads and has in-app purchases. 


* Supports more than 30 artistic styles. 

* Based on the styles of famous artists – e.g. Van Gogh, Picasso etc.

* Works with photos and video.


29.) Photo Editor

Photo Editor is another great app for photo editing as it has 50 million plus downloads and over 4.3 rating. 

Includes all the basic editing tools such as: 

✅ Exposure

✅ Saturation
✅ Temperature
✅ Gamma Correction
✅ Vibrance
✅ Blur
and many more. 

You can easily add texts, images or any shapes. 

You can save images in JPEG, PNG, GIF, WebP and PDF format. 

You can also create an animated GIF. 

For tutorials, you can visit their site here. 

You can share your photos across Facebook, Instagram, and many others. 

It contains ads and in-app purchases. 


* You can create GIFs. 

* Free tutorials on how to use the app. 


30.) PhotoSuite 4 Free

Photo Suite 4 Free has 4.1 ratings and over 1 million downloads. 

With a wide range of adjustments such as:

✅ B/W

✅ Vignette
 Gaussian/Bilateral Blur
and many more. 

To enhance your image you can use text-based graphics or do freehand drawing. 

Supports various brushes such as pencil, ink pen, crayon, airbrush, and watercolor. 

It also includes a wide range of filters to choose from. 

With your device camera, you can apply real-time camera effects.

PhotoSuite allows you to export and share images over social networks such as Facebook, Google +, Picasa or Twitter.  

It contains ads and in-app purchases. 


* Variety of filters to choose from.

* Supports various types of brushes. 

31.) Retrica

Retrica has a 4.3 rating and more than 100 million downloads. 

This app has some powerful tools for enhancing your selfies.

You can choose from more than 100 filters in real time before taking a selfie so you can adjust your camera and face for that perfect selfie. 

You can take multiple selfies to turn them into a beautiful collage instantly. 

Not just photos but you can even make videos and make GIFs instantly. 

With more than 100 stickers it is enough to decorate your selfies. 

It also has a community where you can make friends and send DMs to them.

It is also a social networking site where you can build a following and share it with your fans. 


* You can embed a personal message on your selfie. 

* You can add a date and time on your selfie.

* 100+ of stickers and filters to choose from.  


32.) Snapseed 

Snapseed is one of the best free photo editor app for android which has 4.5 ratings and over 50 million downloads.

RAW files can be opened and tweaked and you can save non-destructively or export as JPG. 

Yo can crop freely or using standard sizes. 

With Perspective, you can fix skewed lines and perfect the geometry of horizons or buildings. 

With white balance, you can adjust the colors so that the image looks more natural. 

With the selective feature, you can position up to 8 points on the image and assign enhancements, while the algorithm magically does the rest. 

Using healing you can remove an uninvited neighbor from a group picture. 

With face enhance you can add focus to the eyes, add face-specific lighting or smooth the skin. 

Since it is developed by Google it doesn’t have any ads or in-app purchases. 


* Face Pose corrects the pose of portraits based on three-dimensional models.

* Over 29 tools and filters, including healing, brush, structure, HDR, perspective and many more. 


33.) StickIt! – Photo Sticker Maker

With Stickit you can easily cut the background out of the photo in the fastest, easiest and most innovative way. 
The cutout image can be applied with various effect or merge it with another background. 
With its edge refining algorithm you can simply draw some line then the parts will be recognized automatically. 
The cutout image can be applied with a lot of shadow effect. 
It also supports various stickers and effects. 
It contains ads and has in-app purchases. 
* Easily cut out a part of a photo. 
* Supports various filters and effects. 

34.) Toolwiz

With a rating of 4.7 and 10 million-plus downloads, Toolwiz is one of the best free photo editor app for android as it has over 200 tools to edit your photo. 

It has more than 40 style filters to enhance your photo. 

It also includes various art filter such as:

✅ Landscape

✅ Glamour
✅ Flatten
✅ Vintage
✅ 50+ Fast filters
✅ 80+ Feeling tone filters

It also has all the basic image editing tools like: 

✅ Blending mixer

✅ Resize
✅ Shrink
✅ Lens correction
✅ Temperature 
✅ White balance 
and many more. 

It also has various stickers, frames, and borders. 

It contains ads and has in-app purchases. 


* With face swap, you can swap faces between two people. 

* Free online resources provide 2000+ stickers, 200+ texture, 200+ text fonts, 400+ layouts and many more. 


* Create doodle images and free draw. 

35.) Touch Retouch


Touch Retouch has a 4.5 rating and more than 100,000 downloads. 

It is a very lightweight app with 10 MB and also has an ‘Editor’s Choice’ tag on it. 

It requires 4.0 and above android operating system. 

Touch Retouch claims to remove: 

✅ Telephone wires and posts, power lines. 

✅ Surface breaks and scratches — both straight and curved. 
✅ Photobombers.
✅ Human-made objects like stop lights, street signs, trash cans. 

In short whatever you feel like is spoiling your photo. 

You can remove unwanted objects from the photos in a single touch. 

With blemish remover, you can remove scars, pimples and minor blemish. 

With clone stamp tool you can remove any duplicate objects or defects. 

You can customize the eraser as per your wish like you can set the size, hardness, and opacity. 

It doesn’t support any ads.


* Supports 360-degree photos.

* With in-app video tutorials you can learn how to use the app and read some tips and tricks to learn more about the tools the app offers. 

* It is also available for Google Play’s Family Library program. 


36.) Ultimate Photo Editor

Ultimate Photo Editor has over 500,000 downloads and a 4.5 rating.

To adjust the lighting of your photo you can use various photo editing tools such as brightness, color saturation, hue and much more. 




It has over 150+ stickers and emojis to choose from.  

Beautify your selfies with various selfie effects.

With overlays, you can apply multiple photos over one another and blend it.

Supports all the basic editing tools such as mosaic, red-eye removal, contrast, vintage, B&W, kaleidoscope and much more to enhance your photos.

It contains ads and in-app purchases. 

* It is a very lightweight app with 12 MB in size.

* Over 150 emojis and stickers to choose.

37.) Vignette

Vignette has a 4.4 rating and more than 100,000 downloads. 

It offers you tools which are way above basic enhancement tools. 

It offers some advanced editing options like:


✅ Diana and Holga styles
✅ Portra
✅ Velvia
✅ Ektachrome and Tri-X film emulations
and many more.  

It also offers some basic editing tools such as:

✅ Faded photo effects

✅ Blur effects like tilt-shift
✅ Vintage and retro filters

Effects are applied to the photos as it is without losing the quality nor the size of the photo. 

You can even shoot custom videos such as time lapse. steady shots and many more. 

Supports timestamps, date, location, on your pictures, with a variety of colors and sizes.

It doesn’t require any internet connection to function.

It also doesn’t have any ads.


* Supports variety of filters.

* With photo editing, you can even record custom videos. 


38.) Vimage

With a 4.7 rating and over 1 million downloads, it also has an ‘Editor’s Choice’ tag. 

It supports all the basic editing tools such as:

✅ Brightness

✅ Blur
✅ Crop
✅ Saturation
and other stuff. 

With advanced search operations, you can even search in stock gallery.


You can create some cool animated photos. 

It is a cinemagrapgh creating app that lets you add moving effects to your photos for turning them into live pieces of art. 

To go viral you can post your photo on Instagram with the #vimage tag and have an opportunity to get features on their Instagram page and in the app. 

It contains ads and has in-app purchases. 


* You can take photos with no moving elements and later add moving elements to them. 


39.) Youcam perfect

It has a 4.5 rating and over 100 million downloads. 

You can not only simply blur images but also use Gaussian blur, do background defocus method and use other blur tools to choose from. 

Smart collages detect faces in the photos for perfect placement in collages and with a magic brush, it adds stickers to photos wherever you tap. 

For face and body editing, it provides tools such as:

✅ Skin smoothner to remove wrinkles, acne and face lines.

✅ Face reshaper helps in reshaping your face to look beautiful.
✅ Add blush, freckles and perfect brows your photos. 
✅ Eye Bag Remover removes dark under eye circles.
✅ With multi-face detection, you can touch-up every face in your group shots.
and much more.  

Easily share across Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites. 

It also supports real-time beautifying effects while recording short videos on android 4.3 and above operating systems.


* “Smile” feature lets you easily add a smile to any snap. 

* You can cut out any part of your photo and give it a new background. 

* With a 7-day free trial, you can unlock all premium features. 



So here is the ultimate list of all the best and awesome photo editor apps for android. 

Some apps are designed to just cater a specific need while some are designed to give a Photoshop like experience (not literally). 

If you are looking for best photo editing app for selfies they are B612, Bonfire, Cymera and many more. 

While best face editing apps are Airbrush, Ultimate Photo Editor Cymera, You cam. 

Which apps did you like? And if we missed any then do comment down.

Thank You!!!

Free Online Photo Editing Tools by PhotoAid

It’s not an app but an online-ready-to-use site that combines many basic and more advanced features. All of them are ultra-easy to use, making them a great start in your photo-editing adventure. It doesn’t support any ads, is free of charge, and has no registration required. Simple and effective!

It provides:

  • Shadow Remover
  • Background Remover
  • Image Enlarger
  • Photo Darkening Tool
  • Photo Inverter
  • Photo Blurring Tool
  • Round Cropping Tool
  • Photo Cropper
  • Color Eyedropper Tool
  • Black and White Photo Editor
  • Photo Flipper
  • Photo Brightener
  • Colorize Photo Tool
  • Photo Rotator

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