8 Best Free Screen Recorder Apps for Android [No Root]

A few years back if you wanted to record the android screen you were required to have a rooted phone.  

But thanks to latest tech advancements now you can record your android screen without having to root your phone. 

Now people have been able to record the tutorial videos, gaming videos and create much more stuff with the help of their mobile phones. 

But there are tons of crap and very few good android screen recording apps available on the play store. 

So here is a list of best free screen recorder apps for android without any root. 
Best free screen recorder app for android without any root



AZ Screen Recorder is one of the best screen recorder app for Android which doesn’t require any root permission. 

With over 4.6 rating and more than 10 million downloads, it is one of the best video recording app on the play store. 

One of the most astonishing features is it’s no watermarking feature which is what every gamer or in general a user wants and that too it is absolutely free. 

You can record audio through the mic and later it is automatically mixed into your recorded video. 

This becomes easy to record any promotional video, tutorial or any type of video in general. 

As such, there is no time limit on how long you can record a video which is another great feature when recording long videos. 


* Magic button

It is used to pause/ resume the recording by tapping on the top right area of the screen while the double tap is used to stop the recording. 

* Stop notification

You can stop recording just by shaking the device, setting a time limit or locking the screen.

* Flexible frame rate to support your device configuration such as 60,50,48,30,25,24 FPSs are available. 

* Supports time lapse

* Easily show or hide the camera while recording. 

It turns on the front camera which enables you to record your face while also recording the screen. 

* Easily draw on the screen while recording is turned on. 

* Easily transfer all your files from your Android to PC with wifi transfer while on the same wifi network. 

* Record videos across 240p to 1080p video resolutions. 


* To remove ads you have to upgrade to the pro version. 

* No internal recording is supported. While it records through the mic and later adds it into the video.

* It is available for only below 5.0 android operating system. 



MOBIZEN Screen Recorder has a 4.3 rating and more than 50 million downloads are the most popular mobile screen recorder app with an “Editors Choice” tag on it. 

It is available for 4.4 and above android operating systems.
Among its various feature includes full HD screen recording with 12 Mbps quality along with the ability to save to an external SD Card. 

Another great feature is that it doesn’t put the app’s watermark on the recorded videos. 

You can even take screenshots while recording. 

Pros:* With Clean recording mode, you can hide watermark, timer, face cam, and touch points which in turn eases lag and improves the fps.

* Along with the facecam feature you can set the shape of the facecam shape according to your need. 

* If you are searching for best game screen recorder app then Mobizen might be your best option as you can record an intro and outro for the video. 

Along with it, you can even perform basic editing such as trim, cut and more. 

* It has dedicated apps for Samsung and LG devices. 


* To remove ads you require a PRO version. 

* To use your own custom made watermark you need to upgrade to PRO version.


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3.) DU Recorder – Screen Recorder, Video Editor, Live

DU recorder has a 4.8 rating and a 100+ million downloads something which is very difficult to achieve. 

The ratings and the downloads justify why it is one of the best free screen recorder app for android without any root permission. 

It is totally free and doesn’t contain any in-app purchases. 

You can easily record videos of high quality with 1080p and 12 Mbps quality at 60 fps. 

You can not only record video calls with family and friends but also record videos on live apps like Periscope and Bigo Live. 

Easily enable front facecam to record your face while recording gaming videos or tutorials. 

For storage purposes, you can choose between internal and SD card. 


* Supports more than 20 languages. 

* Easily stop recording just by shaking your phone. 

* Transfer your videos from your android to the computer with the help of wifi transfer. 

* You can easily create a Gif with Gif creator. 

* Most important of all the best feature is its ability to live stream across popular channels such as Facebook, Youtube, and Twitch. 

* Another feature that makes it best screen recording app for android is its video editing capabilities. 

It can: 

* Trim video / Remove the middle part of the video

* Merge videos, 
* Add background music to video
* Add subtitles to video
* Add intro and outro 
* Add background picture to vertical video
* Change speed of the video, rotate and crop.
* Facecam while live streaming. 

* You can even take screenshots and draw on the screen while recording.


* It still isn’t ads free. But with all these features it is justified. 

* Supports 5.0 and above android operating system. 

If you want to know how to live stream your android screen on youtube using DU recorder then watch the video below: 

If you want to know how to live stream android screen on facebook using DU recorder then watch below video: 



How to live stream android screen on Twitch using DU screen recorder



ScreenCam Screen Recorder has a rating of 4.0 and over 10,000 installs. 

Though it seems rookie in this list it is the most lightweight app with 2.1 Mb in size. 

Though it claims to have the feature of internal audio when you choose to record internal audio it shows a pop-up message which says that “Internal audio recording usually records along with mic audio… Confirmed working on OnePlus, Xiaomi, and few Moto phones. You might try your luck“. 

The above statement is self-explanatory. Cover art

You can even choose a camera overlay so that you can switch between front and back camera. 

Supports saving of video in the form of GIF. 


* You can even save the file name with your preferred prefix. 

* For security purposes you can anonymously report app crashes report along with the statistics are also reported anonymously. 

* You can choose across 4 themes namely white, light, dark and black. 

* You can enable/ disable touch which is preferred by gamers while gaming. 

* It doesn’t show ads. 

* It states the permission it requires to run the app: 

1.) WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE – Required to save the recorded video

2.) RECORD_AUDIO – Required to record audio through mic if enabled
3.) ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE – Required to check if the network connection is available
4.) INTERNET – Required to transmit optional anonymous crash reports and usage (Read privacy policy to know more)
5.) SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW – Required to show floating menu


* Cannot live stream. 

* Doesn’t support the basic editing capabilities. 

* You can’t take screenshots while recording the video. 


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Screen Recorder has a rating of 4.3 and above 1+ million downloads while it supports 5.0 and above android operating system. It is one of the best screen recorder app for android.

The apps support more than 15 languages such as English, French, Spanish, Portuguese(Brazil), Italian etc. 

It also supports facecam which you can use while recording android games or any tutorial. 

Easily take a screenshot in the middle of screen recording. 

With the help of a magic button, you can use gesture to control the recording features such as:

* One tap to stop/resume
* Double tap or long press to pause recording 
* Swipe left or right to open draw panel.

Choose bitrate from 2 Mbps to 15 Mbps according to your device’s capability. 

Supports video encoder such as: 

* H264

* H265 (HEVC)

You can choose the file size after which the app creates a new file size once it exceeds the limit. 

Screenshots are saved in Jpg and PNG format. 


* Easily draw on the screen while recording is on.

* Easily stop the recording by shaking your device or turning off the screen. 

* For the better sound quality it supports 64 Kbps to 320 Kbps of sound recording. 

* Choose which logo to display while recording. 

* Ads aren’t supported. 

* Creates a lag-free video. 

* No watermark is produced on the recorded video. 


* Video trimming feature is a bit confusing as it doesn’t show the timings proper nor it has enough options to customize the trimming. 

* You can’t create GIFs. 


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Super screen recorder has a 4.5 rating and more than a million downloads. 

It doesn’t require a rooted phone to work. 

You can record a video as long as you want as it doesn’t have a time limit. 

It supports high-quality video recording with the highest quality being: 1080P, 12Mbps, 60FPS. 

You can choose across various resolutions, frame rates, and bit rates. 

Record long videos and directly save them into your SD card. 

Easily stop or start video through a floating window or notification bar. 

Has inbuilt editing tools through which you can: 

* Edit 
* Trim 
* Add music
* Video to GIF convert
* Merge videos 
and many more…

Shaking phone will quickly shut down screen recording. 

Countdown features are also available.


*It supports basic picture editing tools to get your work done. 

* With facecam, you can capture your reactions (best suited for gaming purposes). 

* With touches, you can easily display click operations while screen recording.

* Easily compress video to share quickly among friends. 


* To enable custom watermark you need PRO version. 

* To remove ads you require a PRO version. 

* It faces some issue when there are big apps running in the background. 



Even after 1 billion downloads, you might have never come across the thought of recording your games with google play games. 

It is the perfect game screen recorder app in case you might have not found any yet. 

It supports only 720P HD and 480P SD. 

It can live stream only for 3 hrs which might not go well with players who want to live stream for more than 3 hrs. 

You can even record other apps as all you need to do is when you start recording a game exit the game and then open an app and it will start recording the app screen. 



Ez screen recorder has a rating of 4.7 and more than 100K downloads. 

It doesn’t require any roots to function. 

It works for 5.0 and above android operating systems. 

It also has a custom setting feature where you can:
Cover art* Set the video resolution
* Set the video frame rate and 
* Set the video bitrate. 

Supports audio recording through the microphone. 

With the count down timer, you can easily set the time after which you want to start recording the screen. 

With in-app editing features, you can perform basic editing like trimming. 


* Easily take the screenshot in the middle of the screen recording. 

* Easily stop the recording just by shaking the phone.

* No ads supported. 


* When the headphones are plugged or when the speaker is muted it doesn’t record any audio. 



Does Samsung have screen recording?

Yes you can record screen on Samsung phones. It is available on Galaxy S8, 9, 10.

Can websites tell if you are screen recording? 

NO! The web content runs in a isolated “sandbox”, it can’t access your local system, except through components like ActiveX which is not used nowadays. Websites can only “detect” or block event happening inside the browser, for example, they can block your right-click (to try to make copying harder) by overriding the event handler for mouse clicks. 


You can select any apps according to your need and your phone’s capability. 

You may go for Mobizen screen recorder if you have a gaming phone or else if you don’t have that great phone then you may go for Screencam screen recorder which is a very lightweight app which is enough to just record your phone screen. 

Or else if you want to do live stream then you may go for DU screen recorder which is a great app for live streaming on youtube, facebook and twitch and is one of the best screen recorder app for android. 

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