[Updated for 2022] 8 Best Goal Setting App For Android

It is that time of the year when everyone is pumped and start making resolutions to accomplish this year. So to achieve a goal we need to make a strategy or roadmap to achieve that goal. This is where a goal setting app comes into play. It helps you keep a track of all the goals and analyze them further. So here is a list of 8 Best Goal Setting Apps for Android in 2020.


best goal setting app 2020
Best Goal Setting App For Android | 2020

#1 Habit Tracker 

It is one of the best and yet simple goals setting app for android.
It is very easy to create a new habit and can be created within a minute. 
Habits can be added as daily, weekly and monthly. 
Every time you complete the habit open the app and mark the habit for that day as a success. 
You can also set a reminder. 

* It is highly customizable.
* Shows the stats for each habit in the form of charts and graphs. 
* You can even set a reminder. 
* Home widgets are available.
* Daily motivational images to keep you inspired. 
* Has a forum for people with similar habit wherever you can share experiences, read other’s story and get inspired. 
* Supports google fit integration
* You can only set 5 habits in free version whereas you have to spend $5 to add more habits (up to 100).
* Free version doesn’t support cloud backup and exporting your data as CSV. 

#2 Loop – Habit Tracker

The app is completely open source and is free to use. 
And you also need not sign up to use the app. 

It has basic features of a goal tracking app and that is you can set reminders for all habits or any particular habit. 

You even see the stats of your habit as a line chart with calendar history showing your progress of a certain habit. 
Habits can be sort by months, days, weeks, quarters and even years.
It also has widgets for the home screen. 
Loop habit tracker app
* Import and export data easily. 
* Night mode helps you save battery. 
* No annoying ads.
* You can set a habit as a sticky in your notification bar. 
* Doesn’t support google fit integration. 

#3 HabitHub 

The best feature of habit hub is the points you get for completing daily habits which is one of the best features of a few self-improvement apps. 
It has basic features like you can set a reminder for your habit for a particular day. 

It also has 4 themes in it. 
* Easily backup and sync your data with Dropbox.

* You can even sync it with your smartwatch.

* Supports cloud backup for Dropbox.  


* For widgets and to export data you require PRO version.



#4 LifeRPG

This goal setting app turns your life into an RPG (Role Playing Game). 

Just like a game when you complete a daily habit or a goal you get certain XP or points. 

All you have to do is a create a mission and then set duration and certain XP for when you complete that habit. 

You can further customize a habit with difficulty, urgency. 

It also has basic charts to analyze how well did you perform.

LifeRPG app

* You can set custom sounds for when you complete a certain task. 

* Set a custom reward when you achieve a certain goal. 
* No way to edit the XPs when once set. 
#5 Habitica 

It is yet another RPG based one of the best goal setting app for android.

You can set 3 different types of tasks: Dailies, Habits, and To-Dos. 

You can set both positive and negative habits (you want to get rid off) and get rewarded with coins. 

But if you don’t complete a task it punished you by decreasing coins or experience. 

* Play it with your group of friends called as ‘Party‘.

* When you complete a goal you friends get rewarded and vice versa.

* It boosts your confidence and inspires you in the form of rewards.

* Doesn’t feature a graphical representation of habits.

* A bit complicated for initial use.
#6 GoalMap

It is another community-based goal setting app. 

It has basic features like graphs and charts which help you track your progress. 

In the community section, you can chat with others and seek help or help others with their problems. 

* You can integrate it with Fitbit

* Provides motivation because ‘community section’. 

* To set more than 5 habits you require a PRO version. 

* The PRO version cost is a bit expensive for a goal setting app. 

#7 Goalify

It is another best goal setting app for android through which you and your friends can create challenges and complete the task. 

It also has a community section where you can interact with other community members and seek help and help others. 

It also has interactive charts and graphs which helps you analyze your goals. 

Also has To- Dos, Tasks along with habits and goals.  

With Goalify Pro professionals can monitor their clients, students and athletes with its extensive ecosystem for coaching and study support included in the app.
Goalify goal tracking app

* Team Gaolify releases monthly goals which you can complete and achieve rewards. 

* Supports healthy competition among peers which helps motivate each other. 

* It has 50 ready to use goal examples in case you are not aware of how to create goals.

* Easy to use and interactive features. 


* With the free version, you can only set up to 3 goals. 



#8 MyPoli 

This goal setting app is relatively new among others.

But doesn’t lack behind in features. 

It has all the basic features like reminders, motivational images etc. 

Once you perform a habit you can get rewards and unlock certain avatars and themes. 

You also get cool badges for every time you perform a daily habit. 


* It has pre-made programs for nutrition plans, home weight loss workouts, muscle building, learning, reading, destress & mindfulness rituals and more!

* You can also sync your data into google calendar. 

* Has motivational quotes to inspire you to complete your tasks. 

* ToDos, Events and Habits are all at one place. 

* Clean and minimalistic design.

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* You cannot share your goals with your friends. 



Goal setting won’t help you achieve your goal unless you take some action.

So you can choose any app according to your need. 

Like Loop is a lightweight app, while Habit Bull is good for community-based tracking and LifeRPG will give you that gamer feeling if you are more into gaming. 

Thank You!!!

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