8 Best Google Play Store Alternatives That Contains Hard to Find Apps

Google play store comes as a default app store in all android devices. But there can be some issues like it might not be available in your region or you may not find the required app. So you search for what are some best google play store alternatives which will get your task done. 

So here are 

Google Play Store Alternatives
8 Best Google Play Store Alternatives That Gets Work Done


8 Best Google Play Store Alternatives


1.) Amazon App Store

Amazon is undoubtedly the toughest competitor to Google for the online marketplace hence it makes it a potential competitor for the best google play store alternatives. Launched in 2011 it was the primary place for Kindle users to install apps on the tablet. 

Since it runs on the Android operating system the apps on Amazon app store also run on the android phones.


♠️ An estimated 600,000 apps are available on the app store.

♠️ All the basic apps such as Facebook, Candy Crush Soda Saga, Netflix and many more are available.

♠️ It gives away more than $20,000 worth of apps and games for free. It includes apps like Office Suite Pro, Angry Birds etc.  


♠️ Downloading Amazon app store is a hassle. 

♠️ Some developers won’t give an update to apps on different app store like they might prefer Google Play store more than Amazon app store. 

Visit the website here.

2.) APKMirror 

Google play store alternatives | apkmirror review

APKMirror is run by the same people who run the Android Place, an Android news website. 

It has a section where all the apps popular over last 1 month, 1 week and last 24 hrs are displayed.

It also shows the latest uploads. 

No registration is required to download an app from the store. 


♠️ You can download older versions of any app. It acts as a great savior when the new updated version doesn’t work properly. 

♠️ All apps are manually scanned by security professionals so there is no chance of downloading virus infected app. 

♠️ Many popular play store apps are available which is contributed by the community. 

♠️ It also hosts many alpha and beta versions of the app which anybody can download without needing to wait as a beta tester. 


♠️ It doesn’t have its own app which means you have to download it from the official website which means you will have to check the “Allow to install from untrusted sources” option. 

Visit the site here.

3.) Getjar


GetJar was founded in 2004 in Lithuania as an app beta testing platform and in 2005 it became an open marketplace for downloading apps.

It has more than 800, 000 apps and games for various OS like Windows phone, Blackberry and of course Android and indeed one of the best free alternatives to google play store. 


♠️ App developers can submit their app to the store and can be monetized. The submission process is a hassle-free task.

♠️ GetJar has a customer loyalty program that rewards its customer with virtual currency. This virtual currency can be spent on in-app purchases or on a wide variety of premium apps.

♠️ The apps are properly distributed in categories and sub-categories which makes it easier to find an app.


♠️ Some apps contain viruses in them so properly read the reviews of any app before downloading.

♠️ Not all of the apps are the latest version.

Visit the site here.

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4.) Aptoide

It hosts 500,000+ of apps and has 120 million monthly downloads.

They have their own blockchain version called “Appcoin” which is an open source protocol. 

It supports more than 40 languages and is available in all those countries where google play store isn’t available (eg. China).

It also supports advertising on their platform by targeting specific countries.


♠️ Only free apps are available in the store.

♠️ A special feature called “Trusted Stamps” signifies that an app is fully scanned by their security professionals and does not contain anything malicious. You can also know if an app has been flagged for malicious content which makes it one of the safe alternatives to google play store.

♠️ You can also downgrade to the lower version of any app provided there is a lower version available.

♠️ It offers an open source client version which developers can use for their benefit and create their own personal app store. 


♠️ It also hosts some adult and illegal apps which is not suitable for children.

Download the app here.

5.) F-Droid

Its focus is Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). This means the source code is available and developers can use it to create their own apps which makes it one of the best google play store alternatives. 

It has only about 2500+ apps but contains amazing apps such as Adway which blocks advertisements in browser and apps, NewPipe an app for YouTube which doesn’t require you to sign in to Google and bypasses regional restrictions.

All apps are absolutely free.  


♠️ It shows apk sizes beforehand. 

♠️ It has previous versions of apps available which you can download if you don’t like the current version.

♠️ You can add multiple repositories to the app.

♠️ The apps downloaded from F-Droid have no ads and no tracking feature which means there is no one spying on your mobile phone.

♠️ All the apps have to pass through the rigorous testing procedure to make sure that the app doesn’t contain any malicious content. 


♠️ Doesn’t contain “similar apps” feature which helps us get to know other similar apps. 

♠️ It doesn’t have ratings, reviews, in-app screenshots or no. of downloads on any app.

♠️ It has a very small database of apps. 

♠️ A lot of apps do not contain basic UI some of them are like made by high school students. 

Visit the site here.

6.) Mobogenie

google play store alternatives | mobogenie review

Mobogenie is an Android Phone Management Suite which supports extra features like rooted device compatibility and free cleaner software which removes junk files. 

It requires your mobile to connect to the system which means you need a suitable Windows driver to be pre-installed.

Mobogenie contains a huge database of free apps across various categories. 

You can also view and manage contacts and SMS.


♠️ Simple UI and easy to navigate the menu. 

♠️ It also offers images, ringtones, videos, and wallpapers.

♠️ It handles and manages all the aspects of an Android device.


♠️ Unwanted pop-up ads. 

♠️ You cannot connect using WiFi and hence always has to use a USB data cable.

Download the app here.

7.) GetApk 

It is one of the best google play store alternatives because it is the second biggest marketplace for Android apps and games after the Google Play Store with a huge database of apps and games. 

It claims that more than 90% of apps are free.  

The file size of GetApk is less than 2MB.


♠️ You can download apks from Onedrive or Google Drive.

♠️ Older versions are available with screenshots and proper info.

♠️ It has a good download speed.


♠️ It has no guidelines for publishing an app.

Download the app here

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8.) Mobo market

Owned by Baidu it has more than 500,000 apps and games. It also has a community forum where you can discuss your views on apps and games with other community members.

You can also exclusive rewards by participating in their daily competitions. 

Indeed no registration required to download any stuff.


♠️ Simple UI. 

♠️ Download exclusive wallpapers for free.

♠️ It includes Clean Now feature where you can clean junk files and speed up your memory easily.

♠️ Easily update any apps with just a single click.


♠️ You will have to manually install the apks after it has been downloaded.

Download the app here.


So this is the list of 8 best app stores.

Is this list helpful? What are your other google play store alternatives you use? Comment down below. 

Thank You!

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