Best App Companions for Your Next Hiking Trip

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As we are entering the post-pandemic world, most public spaces have once again been available for us to use. Besides going to the gym, people often prefer doing their exercise outdoors- one of their favorite options is hiking.

Though, more than just exercise, people also often use hiking to take a break from their daily lives. The endless beauty that nature offers, combined with the release of feel-good hormones will increase your immune system and heal your soul.

Having said that, hiking can be a bit nerve-wracking due to the uncertainties of nature. But worry not! Thanks to these hiking applications, you can now not only enjoy a smooth hiking experience but also have more fun and safety along your hiking trail.

Gaia GPS

Supported with over 30 languages, Gaia GPS is another one of hikers’ go-to hiking apps. Mostly used for its navigation feature, this app can also save your routes and hike statistics- even finds you a place to camp for the night. Gaia GPS is also compatible with your trusted smartwatch with its iOS and Android apps are available on your smartphones.

Although this app is free of charge, it is recommended for more advanced hikers to subscribe to its premium membership. Not only for hikes, but its premium version also offers assistance for other outdoor activities, such as backpacking, off-road driving, backcountry skiing, and mountain biking. In addition, the offline map feature is also available for its premium subscribers to ensure safety in your next adventure in the wild.


AllTrails is one of the most well-known applications for hikers around the world. Having been hikers’ go-to app since 2010, AllTrails leveraged its over 20 million users to create a crowdsourcing application filled with recommended hiking trails from real-life hiking experiences. You can enjoy a vast selection of trails based on their difficulty, length, user ratings, or with your hiking companion and desired view in mind.

Available on both iOS and Android devices, AllTrails is free of charge. However, its Pro version allows you to download your map ahead of time and track your location using GPS. Its Lifeline feature would also be able to send a status update to your listed emergency contact when you have not reached your location by a specific time, or with just a simple tap of your finger.

Peak Visor

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Do you ever go on a hike and spot another mountain along your trail? Do you ever wish to know the mountain’s name? Well, wish no more because Peak Visor is here.

Thanks to this application, you can now identify the mountain you saw in the distance, simply by raising your favourite smartphone‘s camera in its direction. Thanks to its augmented reality feature and smart system, you don’t even have to wait long for the name of the said mountain to be displayed on your screen. You can now begin to plan for your next hike!

Available on both iOS and Android devices, the free version of Peak Visor already covers most of its features. However, you would need to acquire its pro version for offline peak identification and maps.


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On each hiking trip that we took, we were privy to the beauty that nature offers. Whether it is in the form of mesmerizing views of breath-taking waterfalls, nature always has its own way of celebrating its different charms. Colorful plants and quirky animals are one of them.

Seek is developed by iNaturalist, a naturalist network managed by the California Academy of Sciences and the National Geographic Society. This identifying app can help put names on the plants, animals, and organisms you find along your trail. You can now enjoy a trip for the mind and soul while uncovering nature’s secret.


This free app is the ultimate safety companion for your hike. Cairn would send you a notification when you are entering areas with cell reception along your trail, by simply adding in your starting and ending point. Should you find yourself lost, Cairn is also there to guide you to the nearest area with cell service.

Available on iOS and Android devices, this app would also send an email to your emergency contact whenever you go on a hike and when you’ve arrived home. The pro version of Cairn would allow you to use the app entirely offline, including maps and live location tracking for your emergency contact. Instead of worrying, you can now turn your music up or enjoy your long-awaited audiobook with Cairn.

Hiking is surely an amazing way to get your daily dose of exercise in and heal your mind. But please make sure to also put your safety at the top of your priority list. Happy hiking!

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