17 Best Keyboard Apps for Android in 2022

The basic google keyboard has a very minimalist design but there are other third-party keyboard apps worth relying on that can completely change the look and the feel of the keyboard. Here I have reviewed 17 best keyboard apps for android.
Best Keyboard App For Android
Best Keyboard Apps For Android

Best Keyboard Apps for Android

1.) Touchpal

It has over 100 million downloads.

It has been awarded the GSMA Global Mobile Awards. 

It includes over 5,000 keyboard themes, 300 emojis, gifs, stickers, and pop smileys. 

You can not only personalize your keyboards with various colors but also set any photo as your keyboard background. 

It has a very efficient prediction features which include next-word, emoji and text face predictions. 

Supports multiple emoji keyboard theme plugins such as golden, blue, skull, purple, T9 and 20 more. 

Includes more than 150 languages such as Nederlands, Deutsch, हिन्दी and many more. 

With voice typing, you can easily dictate text and type things faster. 

Touchpal wear version and pad version. 

It contains ads and in-app purchases.


1.) Powerful error connection that autocorrects mistyped errors and typos. 

2.) Supports over 150 languages.

3.) Type messages with single-handedly.

4.) Supports gesture typing and swipe typing.


2.) Gboard – the Google Keyboard

Gboard has a 4.3 rating and more than 1 billion downloads.

It surely doesn’t have a very flashy design but with Google integration, you can have an assurance of privacy.

With glide typing, you can type faster by sliding your finger over letters.

Voice typing helps you dictate text with good accuracy.

To search anything on google simply press the G to search anything on the web.

With built-in emoji support for hundreds of useful symbols and emoticons

Supports searching and sharing of GIFs on the go.

With multilingual typing, Gboard autocorrects and suggests words from any of the desired languages.

Google translate helps you translate what you type on the keyboard.

Supports more than 100 languages.

It is 100% free and doesn’t include any in-app purchases or ads.


* It is also a very lightweight app.

* Your personal dictionary is synced with the google account so you can have it on any device whenever you install your Gboard.

* You can customize your Gboard by changing themes, sound, volume on keypress and many more things.

* Search anything on Google easily.

* Includes a variety of features such as GIFs, voice typing and many more.


3.) SwiftKey Keyboard

Swiftkey, a product of Microsoft has a rating of 4.5 and more than 100 million downloads.

It is one of the best keyboard apps for android on the play store. 

It requires Android 5.0 and above android operating system.

With its powerful AI, it gets better with time as it learns the way you write and predict proper words according to your typing habits.

Its toolbar consists of the expandable menu which consists of quick shortcuts for quick access.

With its swipe-to-type, you can easily complete a sentence in less time.

Its spell checker and auto text is supported by intelligent A.I. predictions.

It contains a wide variety of GIFs, emojis and smileys.

Emoji keyboard learns and predicts your favorite emoticons

You can easily customize your keyboard size and layout.

It includes over 100 colorful themes.

It supports over 300 languages.


* You can create a customized theme like putting your selfie or photo as the background of the app.

* Supports over 300 languages and more than 100 colorful themes.

* Easily customizable and has powerful A.I. predictions.

* No ads.

4.) Multiling O Keyboard + Emoji

Multiling O Keyboard has 4.3 rating and more than  1 million downloads.

It requires Android 2.1 and above operating system.

It is a very lightweight app with just 0.54 MB in size.
You can choose the desired layout of your choice. 
It also offers four- and five-row layouts or you can switch between QWERTY, QWERTZ, DVORAK, AZERTY layouts or ultimately design your own layout. 
Easily swipe between alphabets to write words quickly.

Supports over 200 languages.

It also saves battery power.

With various themes to choose from you can even style or mix your colors to create a new theme.

With various emoji stickers, emoticons, symbols it also include kamojis and you can even create your own.

With its text transformation tool, you can transform text like ξχ๑тïς тεχт, ‌🇧‌🇮‌🇬 , ⓒⓘⓡⓒⓛⓔⓓ or wide.

Easily switch between languages, layouts, voice input, or even other keyboards.

Doesn’t require any internet connections to operate.

Doesn’t contain any ads or any in-app purchases.


* Highly customizable in terms of layout.

* Lightweight app.

* Has over 200 languages.

* Highly customizable in terms of layout.

* Saves battery power.

5.) Fleksy – Emoji & GIF keyboard app

Fleksy has a 4.4 rating and more than 5 million downloads is another best keyboard apps for android.

It requires Android 4.1 and above operating systems.

The Fleksy keyboard was awarded the world record for fastest texting twice.

So it means that it is very fast.

Using gestures you can delete words or select autocorrect options.

You can shrink or expand the keyboard as per your needs.

Fleksy’s privacy policy clearly mentions that “Fleksy may be able to collect “all the text you type, including personal data like passwords and credit card numbers” is part of the Android operating system that appears when any third party keyboard is enabled”.

You can easily access apps within your keyboard.

It supports over 50 themes.

Includes various Gifs and stickers.

It supports over 40 languages.

It contains ads and in-app purchases.


* Supports over 50 themes with themes such as “Chameleon theme” which matches the color of the app you are in.

* You can easily share videos and music within the app.

* A world record for fast typing.

* Best text prediction even for sloppiest of writings.


6.) Minuum Keyboard + Smart Emoji

It has over 500,000 downloads.

If you are looking for a keyboard that can support your sloppy style of typing then Minuum is the best app for you. 

Supports all the major languages such as English, Spanish, Deutsch, French, and others. You can even monitor your typing speed. 

For people with large fingers, it includes features such as:

a.) To save screen space you can enable one-handed typing or else reposition your entire keyboard.

b.) Supports over 800+ emoticons.

For people with large fingers with key magnification feature, you can type a precise letter or any number. 
Supports various keyboard layouts such as QWERTZ, AZERTY and AZ
If you have the split-screen feature then it helps to use the extra screen space effectively. 


* The interface even supports smartwatches.

* Also eligible for the family library program.


7.) Chrooma Keyboard – RGB & Chameleon Theme

Chrooma has over 1 million downloads and 4.3 ratings.

It is powered by a smart artificial intelligence that has an efficient contextual prediction.

The A.I. also suggests appropriate emojis, numbers, and punctuations.

You can also search and send GIFs within the Chrooma keyboard.

You can personalize themes, fonts, emoji, and keyboard sizes.

It also supports all the basic features such as swipe typing, gesture typing, keyboard resizing, predictive typing, and autocorrect.

It also supports automatic emojis suggestion.

One of the best features is that the Chrooma keyboard automatically changes the color of your navbar according to the app which you’re using.

Supports multiple languages simultaneously at once.

It also has a night mode that can change the color tone of the keyboard when low light is detected. You can also set a timer and program the night mode.

It also contains ads and in-app purchases.


* You can easily search and send the GIFs within the app.

* Has gestures that support fast delete, delete all, move a cursor, and fast selection.

* Supports one hand mode for faster typing with the thumb.

* Supports night mode.


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8.) Ginger Keyboard – Emoji, GIFs, Themes & Games

Ginger keyboard has 4.4 rating and more than 5 million downloads.

It is one of the best android keyboard app on the play store

Provides over 100 beautiful free themes and you can even personalize your keyboard by creating your very own theme.

With its grammar checker and spell checker feature, you can correct your grammar, spelling, punctuation and capitalization mistakes quickly and efficiently.

Supports over 1000+ beautiful emojis, emoticons, stickers, and animated GIFs.

Ginger Keyboard understands your writing and gives you accurate next-word predictions.

With its smart bar, you can optimize your keyboard for favorite and frequently used apps, take notes, create events, and send emails.

Supports in-app games such as Snake, Squash, Copter, and 2048.

It contains ads and in-app purchases. 


* Translation in 58 languages is available.
* Supports for over 50 languages. 

* Supports in-app games. 


9.) GO Keyboard – Emoji, Sticker

GO keyboard has over 100 million downloads and a 4.5 rating.
It has a very simple, minimalist design and is one of the best keyboard app on android. 
It’s an emoji keyboard that has over 10,000 colorful themes, 1000 emojis, and Gifs, and over 100 fonts to choose from. 
You can also set a customized background for your keyboard. 
Contains over 800 emoticons and other smiley faces. 
It supports more than 60 languages such as English, Arabic, Croatian, Czech and many more.
It can easily recognize mistyping and provide correction suggestions. 
For Android, it provides only QWERTY layout while for tabs it provides QWERTZ and AZERTY keyboards.
It also includes integrated dictionaries that can tell you the meaning of any word in any language.
Also includes voice input feature for quick typing.
It contains ads and in-app purchases. 

* It has over 10,000 themes, 1000+ emojis and gifs, and 100 fonts. 
* Contains over 60 languages. 
* Includes dictionaries that can tell the meaning of any word in any language.
10.) AI.type keyboard Plus + Emoji
Ai.type has a 4.4 rating and over 100,000 downloads. 
It has over 1000 of free themes as a part of Theme Market. 
You can even design a personalized layout (background, colors, font) and share them with friends and upload the theme to the “Theme Market where millions of other users can see, rate and download them.

Supports over 800 different emojis and more than 1000 graphical chars.

Supports context based next word prediction and auto-correction based on your own unique writing style. 

Auto prediction is available in more than 50 languages.

With voice input, you can easily produce text faster.

You can change your keyboard’s look & feel, functionality and create your own custom keys & shortcuts.

You can even set any image as your background image.

* It is also Eligible for Family Library program.

* Supports auto suggest emojis for appropriate words.

* On keyboard search helps you in finding any text instantly. 

11.) FancyKey Keyboard – Cool Fonts
FancyKey has 4.6 rating and over 10 million downloads. 
It is 16 Mb in size and works for 4.1 and above android operating system.
It supports over 1600+ emojis and emoticons. 
Supports over 30 funky fonts. 
Has an advanced auto-correct and auto-suggest engine to help you write better. 
Supports 50+ different typing sounds. 
It also has all the basics features such as swipe typing, gesture typing, keyboard resizing, predictive typing, and autocorrect.
Includes over 30+ languages. 
It contains ads and in-app purchases. 

* Supports over 50 different typing sounds. 
* Change your keyboard background to your personalized photo. 
* Contains over 1600 emojis and over 30 fonts. 
12.) Grammarly Keyboard — Type with confidence

Grammarly has a rating of 4.3 and over 5 million downloads.

Its real-time grammar correcting ability is highly accurate.

It is highly customizable and easy to use.

It is also available as a chrome and firefox extension.


* Also available as web extension.

* Highly accurate grammar checker.

13.) Simple Keyboard
Simple keyboard has a rating of 4.4 and 100,000 downloads. 
As the name suggests Simple Keyboard is less than 1Mb  in size. 
This is for anyone who simply needs a keyboard and nothing else. 
To keep your screen clean the launcher icon is not shown. To access it you need to: 
* Open Language & Input section in your System Settings 
* Enable the Simple Keyboard 
* Switch to Simple Keyboard from current Input Method 
* Optionally disable all other Input Methods to make Simple Keyboard
Easily adjust keyboard height for more screen space. 
Supports number rows for easier and faster typing. 
Includes all the basic features like emojis, gifs, spell checker and swipe typing.
Contains custom theme colors. 
Doesn’t contain ads. 
* Requires very minimal permissions. It asks for only “vibrate”
* Doesn’t contain any ads. 

14.) Typany Emoji Keyboard-DIY Message & Photo Keyboard

Typany has 4.5 rating and more than 10million downloads.

It is highly customizable such that you can keep your keyboard theme, choose your favorite photo as your keyboard app background.

It also has a lot of free keyboard themes such as hologram themes, fidget spinner theme, neon themes, hurricane theme, water drops themes, skull and graffiti themes, cute cat and puppy themes, and many more.

It also supportsDoodles function where you can draw through Typany to DIY messages.

Translation feature helps you to write in your native language and get instant translation in any language you want and it can be used in apps such as Whatsapp, FB etc. without having to switch apps.

It supports more than 100 languages.

With its A.I. powered feature, it will learn as you type so you don’t need to manually add words to your personal dictionary. It also gives emoji suggestion by the word you have typed.

It also has an emoji maker where it offers many kinds of Emoji Figures, including Universal Galaxy, Monster, Spider face, etc.

Supports voice input for faster typing.

It works with Tenor to offer all the latest GIFs.

It contains ads and in-app purchases.
It is surely one of the best keyboard app on android play store.


* Supports Doodle functions.

* Supports over 100 languages.

* Highly customizable app.

15.) Cheetah Keyboard – Emoji & Stickers Keyboard

Cheetah Keyboard has 4.6 ratings and more than 100 million downloads. 
It requires 4.1 and above android operating system. 
It supports 3D animated emojis such as baby chick, duckling, husky, frog, blowfish, bulldog, and many more. 
With 3D keyboard themes with a real 3D engine. Themes such as parallax themes, gravity themes, and other new 3D themes.
The GIF collection is supported by Giphy which provides all the new and latest and popular gifs. 

With its Smart Reply function, it suggests responses for you based on the messages you received.
Also includes a vast collection of free keyboard themes. 
You can even create your themes by changing backgrounds, wallpapers, fonts, music, dynamic effects and color of the keyboard. 
Also includes all the basic features such as fast swipe and auto collection for an effortless typing.
It contains ads and in-app purchases.
Smart Reply, Gesture Typing, AIPowered Prediction together with Auto-correction will greatly improve your typing efficiency. 
* Hundreds of keyboard themes. 
* Custom keyboard theme let you choose your own photo, wallpaper, colors, font style for your keyboard.
16.) CodeBoard Keyboard for Coding
Codeboard keyboard has 4.4 ratings and over 100,000 downloads. 
It has a very low size of 1.7MB and requires Android 4.1 and above operating systems.
It’s a completely free Android keyboard with a simple UI for coding purposes. 
It lets you choose between QWERTY and AZERTY
It is an open source app so there are no privacy issues. Open Source
Doesn’t contain any ads nor in-app purchases. 

* Lightweight app. 
* Open source.

17.) Cute Emoji, Sticker, Emoticon: RainbowKey Keyboard
Rainbow keyboard has over 4.7 rating and more than 5million downloads. 
It requires 4.1 and above android operating system. 
A highly customizable keyboard app which personalizes your typing provides rich & free keyboard themes with emojis designed for personalization. 
With emoji keyboard, it provides you with cute emoji, emoticons, sticker, and cute gifs. 
Also supports emoji prediction to match your words.
Provides all the basic features such as swipe typing, word prediction, auto-correction.
Supports over 30 languages. 

It contains ads and in-app purchases.


* Highly customizable.

* Stylish Keyboard with Cute Emoji & Emoticons.

* Multilingual keyboard app for android with 30+ languages.



I hope you liked my post on 17 best keyboard apps for android. If you are getting confused which to choose then I have summed up for you.

#1 Best Customizable Keyboard App

Multiling O Keyboard

Typany Keyboard

Rainbow keyboard

#2 Best Keyboard app for Autocorrect & Predictions




#3 Best Android Keyboard for Quick Typing


Multiling O


#4 Best Keyboard app for Built-In Grammar



#5 Best Android Keyboard for GIFs




#6 Best Keyboard app for Coding


#7 Best Keyboard app for Low-End Android


Multiling O


#8 Best Keyboard App Overall

#9 Best Lightweight Keyboard app
Multiling O Keyboard
#10 Best Keyboard app for fast typing
Do comment down your favorite keyboard app. 
Thank You!!!

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