The Best 13 Mind Games for Students

Smartphones have long been full-fledged companions of life. They help with household chores, shopping, work, and getting from one place to another. Gadgets can also be used to test your intellectual abilities and develop them. We have collected the 20 best smart mobile games for android or iPhone that will help you pass the time in a useful way.

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Here is the list of the best mind games if you want to challenge your brain.

1. Battle of Geniuses: Royale Trivia Quiz Game

An unconventional question-answer quiz with various game mechanics from the big computer games. For example, the RPG component, allows you to choose one of the greatest minds of different time periods. Skill upgrade characteristics and choice of equipment as well present. Correct answers take away the life of the opponent, but if you answer incorrectly, be prepared to receive damage to your character. Einstein, Churchill, and others are waiting for you to test your knowledge in game format.

2. Monument Valley

The developers of this game were inspired by the works of Mauritz Escher and his surreal optical illusions. The game’s main feature is optical illusions. The game aims to guide Princess Ida through a route that seems impassable beforehand, but logic will help you.

3. Cut the Rope 2

The loveliest creature, Om Nom, returns. The goal of the game is the same as in the prequel. You have to cut the ropes in the correct sequence and keep the timings so that the coveted candy will fall into the character’s mouth.

4. Hitman GO

The famous cold-blooded killer simulator has made its way to smartphones in an unexpected wrapper. The Hitman series is now famous for having a mobile puzzle game in this franchise. Elements of tactics and stealth to eliminate guards will require you to think strategically.

5. Flow Free

A simple and enjoyable game whose goal is to connect dots of certain colors in a line. Crossing other lines is forbidden. To do all the work cleanly, you will have to get creative.

6. Alias!

An analogy to a board game – you need to describe a word to the other players, without using synonyms, homonyms, translations into other languages. In one minute the player must describe the word, and the opponents to figure it out. The results of the matches can be shared on social networks.

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7. Asymmetric

The two main characters have been separated. The goal of the puzzle is to reunite the friends in 66 rounds. Each puzzle has two squares, one per character, and you need to get the characters out of the squares. The difficulty is that the characters move simultaneously and in the opposite direction. Obstacles at each step will make the task more difficult.

8. Perchang

The player must drive the ball in a particular area, using the laws of physics and various devices in the form of magnets, fans, shelves, and other tools.

9. Sputnik Eyes

Pupil-shaped satellites explore planets. It is your mission to help them explore more planets. The game resembles a kind of spatial puzzle. Each satellite has to be guided to the area with the corresponding color.

10. Logo Quiz

The aim of the game is simple – you have to guess the brand, the brand, the company, the company, or the emblem of a soccer club by its logo. With each level the number of original symbols increases, so it becomes harder to guess which product is hiding behind the logo.

It’s a perfect choice to play on your break at work if you are a student since it doesn’t require a lot of time but helps to change the focus target.

11. Dream machine: The Game

Another Monument Valley-type game. The mechanics of optical illusions in surreal worlds continues to gain momentum in mobile gaming. That’s how Dream Machine was born. This game differs from its counterpart in that in Dream Machine the main character Robot moves automatically. You need to react in time to guide him to the right route and turn the robot on the right track. Beautiful graphics and stunning geometry will draw you in for a long time.

12. Color Match

A game that develops logic and reaction speed. You have to answer the question as quickly and correctly as possible – are the geometric shapes the same color? During the round on the screen will appear figures of different shapes and colors. The countdown scale is pressing the player, forcing him to answer faster. The user who answered quickly, but incorrectly, is considered the loser and has to start all over again. The game is great for taking public transportation or waiting in line.

13. The Room Three

The third is a series of puzzle games with detailed graphics and interesting puzzles. The essence of the game is tied to the mechanics – to overcome the level, you need to solve a riddle. As difficult as it may sound, the riddles are quite easy. You just have to be attentive.

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