3 Best Paraphrasing Techniques for Digital Marketing Campaigns

If you are planning a digital marketing campaign for your brand’s endorsement, you must also be planning on creating multiple contents.

Creating blog posts and social media content is mandatory to keep any brand’s online presence alive. However, with a lot on your plate, it becomes difficult to create multiple contents manually.

Here comes paraphrasing to save us from all the extra effort. Though paraphrasing can lead us to quality and precise outcomes at the same time it can also hit us with diverse consequences.

Do you know how?

Well, if we do not know the proper tips and techniques for paraphrasing we will end up destroying our digital marketing campaign.

In this post, we will highlight the three best paraphrasing techniques for our brand’s digital marketing campaign that we should always consider while paraphrasing content.

Let’s get straight to our discussion!

3 Best Paraphrasing Techniques for Digital Marketers to Use in 2022

·      Use a wide library of synonyms for paraphrasing content

Synonyms are the words that mean exactly or nearly the same as another word. When you paraphrase content you must replace words with their synonyms.

It is because paraphrasing content with the same words as the source content might lead you towards duplicated or copied content.

A duplicated or copied content can never be helpful for your brand’s marketing. Your customer wants something unique from you.

If you provide them with the already available information, your marketing is just a waste of time and money.

Therefore, you should use a wide library of synonyms for replacing words. But, make sure the synonyms you use in your paraphrased content must fit the best.

As there are multiple synonyms for the same word, you should pick the most suitable for the context. It is the first technique for paraphrasing.


In the above example, you can see how synonyms work to replace words in the source text. We replace ‘useful’ with ‘beneficial,’ ‘not speak at all’ with ‘now no longer communicate,’ and ‘give,’ with ‘deliver.’

You can also see that the synonyms we used in the example do not affect the actual context. This is how you should pick the best-fit synonyms for paraphrasing your marketing content.

Practice this technique and you will see how sweet your content will appear.

·      Change the grammatical structure

Digital marketing is all about promoting your business one step higher than your competitor. And while planning a perfect digital marketing campaign we should always have an insight view of our competitor’s content marketing.

If you find a piece of your competitor’s content worth attracting, you can use it by simply changing the grammatical structure.

Using synonyms is one thing, we can never make our paraphrased content entirely unique by just replacing words of the original content with their synonyms.

Your next step should be to change the grammatical structure of the source content. You should change active voice sentences to passive voice.

This way, your paraphrased content will appear more unique and you can upload it anywhere you want without worrying about any legal issues.


In the above example, you can see ‘invested’ is changed into ‘was invested.’ This is how you can change active voice sentences into passive voice for paraphrasing your marketing content.

·      Change the word order of the source text

Now that, we have learned how we can use synonyms and change grammatical structure to improve the quality of the paraphrased content.

The next thing is to know about changing the word order of the source text. In order to make the original content completely paraphrased, changing word order is crucial.

Even if your competitors notice that your content is somehow copied to their content, they can not take any legal action against you.


In the above example, you can see how changing word order actually words in paraphrasing content as we did not just change the word order but, we also changed the main verb from active to passive.

Our Recommendation

From the above three paraphrasing techniques, you can have a broad perspective of how you can use the original content from the internet for your brand’s digital marketing.

Use a combination of paraphrasing techniques

You should not only be bound to use only one paraphrasing technique. It is recommended to use several paraphrasing techniques if you want your content marketing to generate positive outcomes.

Because relying on one technique can be less fruitful for your marketing campaign. Also, it is not very effective to paraphrase content with only one technique.

If you want the best results for your digital marketing campaign, we recommend you use a combination of paraphrasing tools and techniques.

Consider using synonyms, changing the word order of the source text, and changing the grammatical structure.

This way, you can create quality content even without thinking about any new content ideas. Isn’t it a great and easy way to set your hands on a perfect digital marketing campaign?

v Add a little creativity to the paraphrased content

Creating content for your brand’s marketing campaign is a lot more than just plain text. People are not likely attracted by plain text as it appears boring to the eyes.

Also, there is no point in working on content marketing if the results are not favorable. Therefore, when you are done with paraphrasing content, it is not the full stop.

You have to do a little more effort. Add some creativity to the plain paraphrased content, and make use of good visuals including images, videos, and graphs.

Add product images and videos about how to use them. Use graphs or charts to show your customer growth and business success in the recent year.

This way, you can attract more customers and your paraphrased content’s worth will be durable. Therefore, we recommend you not to go with the plain boring text and add some creativity to it.

Final Verdict

If you are tired of creating content manually for your brand’s digital marketing, it is the right time to use paraphrased content.

However, paraphrasing content is not as simple as it appears. Paraphrasing can also have diverse effects on your content marketing campaign if you do not make the right use of it.

In the above sections, we have discussed the three most helpful paraphrasing techniques that will help you with your business’s marketing.

We have also shared our recommendation for creating paraphrased content if you want to make your marketing campaign successful, read everything mentioned in this post.

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