Everzippy Review with Demo + Pricing and OTOs [Latest 2020]

EverZippy Review: Introduction

I am sure you have heard about email marketing, running paid ads, etc. for generating leads and selling your products, but have you heard about Operating Webinars?

But before we dive into it let us first understand what is a webinar? A Web-based seminar or webinar can be a presentation, lecture, seminar or workshop that can be conducted on the internet using video conferencing software.

What makes a webinar stand out is the interactive elements it offers. The organizer can share audio, documents, videos, and applications to the webinar attendees. 

Webinars have recently been getting a lot of traction because it converts incredibly well. Since you can interact and engage with your audiences, teach them on the benefits of your products this deeper connection turns people into high-quality leads to whom you can upsell later.

This is where EverZippy comes into play. Though there have been a lot of services available in the market but EverZippy is equipped with functions at a cheaper price which other services sell for a high price.

EverZippy is a very powerful webinar automation tool with which you can schedule and automate your webinar footage which will play at specific intervals.

For this, you don’t have to sit in front of your computer and change the settings to play the webinar. It does everything on autopilot.

Now since you won’t be sitting and executing the webinar it makes sure that it recreates a live experience for its users as if a person is operating the webinar.

It is for both newbie and expert marketers. You can integrate it with other email marketing products such as Infusionsoft, MailChimp, AWeber, and ActiveCampaign. 

This product has been tested by me and I can guarantee you that you won’t be disappointed after using it. You don’t have to be a programmer or a geek to use the software because it doesn’t have bulky installations or complicated features.

VendorMadhav Dutta & Mario Brown
ProductsEverZippy Webinars
Launch Date2019-Sep-02
Launch Time10:00 EDT
Front-End Price$47
Refund30-day money back guarantee
NicheGeneral (Software)
SupportЕffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
RecommendationHighly Recommend

EverZippy Review: Who are the creators?

Madhav Dutta, the product creator of EverZippy, is a talented software developer and web designer who has over 10 years of experience. Some of his successful launches include MeetZippy, Creater.io, and Carvly.Mario Brown a big and reputable name in the online marketing industry has many success stories like VidMatrix, SociCake, Insta-Stories, AutoWebinarX, Videlligence 2.0, Playboost, etc.

Feature Details

--> Live to evergreen: 

  • With just a single click you can swap from a live event to an evergreen webinar.
  • Easily import all the past live events and EverZippy will convert into an evergreen event in few clicks.
  • You can import all your stats, chats, images, and videos in a convenient and easy to access location.

--> Live Chart Simulator: 

  • It allows you to import your chat history to appear live during the webinar.
  • It has pre-designed chat lines which you can show during the webinar in real-time.
  • You can duplicate a chat history from past webinars such that it shows at different time stamps throughout the event.
  • This makes your live webinar look authentic, genuine and interesting.

--> Smart Scheduling System: 

  • Using a smart scheduling system you can schedule webinars months, weeks and days in advance.
  • You can choose the specific days of the week and time zones according to what works best for your audience. You can also shut down on explicit occasions or dates that you don't want to run your webinar.
  • Time zone auto-identification feature schedules your webinar for one explicit time, regardless of where on the planet your audience registers from.

--> At Right Time: 

  • You can set dynamic webinars using a feature called “At Right Time” webinar that starts airing upon enrollment. 
  • This means no pausing, no planning, and no waiting. Once signed up the audience can continue to watch your webinar up to the level they have signed up for.
  • To make your webinars look genuine you can block night-time webinars so whenever someone arrives at your landing page as the night progresses the date will be recorded for the following day.

--> Email Communication System: 

  • You can send email reminders to your audience before the event starts and after the event has expired.
  • You can send custom emails to your users in case they missed the webinar due to some reason.
  • In case a user left the webinar in midway you can send them an email asking why did they leave the webinar? You can also do retargeting.

--> Participants display: 

  • whenever a live Webinar is being conducted it is common for participants to join and leave the Webinar.
  • But with Everzippy, you can display the peak participation even and this will be constant from the start.
  • So everzippy will keep your attendance hidden and also maintain a given number of participants.

--> Integrates with almost everything: 

  • Want to build your email list? Everzippy can integrate with popular email marketing softwares such as Aweber, MailChimp, GetResponse, iContact, InfusionSoft, Benchmark, ActiveCampaign, Sendlane and more.
  • You can also embed Google Analytics or Facebook pixels, so you can get data, re-target your audience when running paid advertising campaigns.

--> Monitor everything: 

  • You can monitor almost everything such as people who are joining, engaging or buying your products.

--> Tagging Integration:

  • Everzippy automatically adds a tag to people who have attended the event, those who left the event midway, who bought your products, who watched the replay, etc.

--> Customization:

  • To improve your brand awareness you can customize your logo by adding a logo, themes, etc. 

 --> Monetize:

  • You can monetize your webinars by making the users pay if they want to access the webinar.

--> Cloud-based Software:

  • The software is available on the internet which means there is no installation or download required.
  • You can schedule your webinars using a PC, tablet or phone.

--> Analytics:

  • You can see the live location of your audience

--> Free SSL:

  • Having an SSL certificate shows users that the site is well protected against hackers.
  • So Everzippy gives you free SSL certificates

--> DFY Templates:

  • Once you schedule a webinar you can save the settings of that webinar as a template and use it for future webinars.

--> Host Controls:

  • You can promote an attendee to become a panelist so they can have audio and video capabilities.

--> Extras:

  • In the extras section, you will get free training. 
  • You will also get access to an exclusive Facebook community for Everzippy members.


  • No account creation needed
  • Newbie friendly
  • Good customer support
  • No coding skills required
  • No proxies or captchas needed
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • No complaints

EverZippy Review: EverZippy OTO

OTO #1: EverZippy PRO version

Features of PRO version:

 --> Stream pre-recorded live-like webinars:

  • There is a reason why a lot of broadcasting companies do live streams and it because the audiences naturally engage better with live videos.
  • And with Everzippy PRO you will be able to live stream your webinar on Facebook and Youtube so that new viewers can watch your videos and engage with it.

--> Through live webinar:

  • Most of the automated webinar apps start their webinar from the beginning whenever an attendee leaves the webinar and comes back later.
  • But with Everzippy PRO you can run your webinar in parts so whenever a person leaves the webinar like after 20 minutes then they can start watching back from the time they left. This makes your webinar look truly live.

--> Zapier Integration:

  • Integrate it with the Zapier so that your customers can do payment safely and securely.

--> Host recurring webinars:

  • You can host as many recurring webinars as you want for as many attendees as possible.

>>See Details<<

OTO #2: EverZippy Reseller Ninja

Features of Reseller Ninja version:

 --> Create and manage multiple users and licenses from a dedicated dashboard.
--> Contains 120 account licenses.
Everzippy will handle the support for all of your clients.

>>See Details<<

OTO #3EverZippy Commercial

Features of Commercial version:

--> Monetize replay pages with Paypal.
See live locations of all the attendees.
Calendar embedded on WordPress and other sites.
VIP Facebook group access.
Role-based access control.
Live sales alert.
You can easily integrate Zapier.
--> 3 hrs of exclusive webinar training on how to make effective webinars.

>>See Details<<

OTO #4: EverZippy Done For You Webinar Suite + Webinar MasterClass

Features of Webinar Suite version: 

--> Run pre-webinar marketing funnel which will help you to build your customer list.
Send pre-webinar emails, reminders and email campaigns based on show, no-show, buy, no-buy.
It will set up an automated webinar that will include the Registration page, Thank you page, Notifications, CRM and Sales pages, Appointment setting and Payment processing.

>>See Details<<

Webinar Masterclass includes the following topics: 

  • Module 1: Why you must use Webinars For Your & Your Client’s Business
  • Module 2: Competitive Research on How to structure the perfect Webinar
  • Module 3: How to fill your webinars with Launches & Funnels
  • Module 4: How to Drive Traffic & Attendees
  • Module 5: How To Do A Strategic Q&A Session For Maximum Sales
  • Module 6: How To Engage Your Audience
  • Module 7: How To Attract Affiliates & JV Partners To Promote Your Webinar
  • Module 8: Using Facebook Ads With Webinars.
  • Module 9: Most Successful Case Studies Including Replay
  • Module 10: Webinar Checklist

OTO #5: EverZippy Personal  

>>See Details<<

EverZippy Comparison

everzippy comparison

EverZippy Review: FAQs

Q1. Which are system requirements to run this app?
Since EverZippy is a cloud-based app it doesn't matter whether you are on a Windows, macOS, Ubuntu or mobile. You can access it from anywhere you want and anytime.

Q2. When can I start making sales? 
It all depends on your webinar, product and how well do you pitch. You can start seeing results as soon as you set the webinar live.

Q3. How to join a webinar? 
You can join the webinar by clicking on the invitation link and proceed with the sessions. You can access the webinar from your laptop, PC, tablet or mobile phone.

Q4. Is Everzippy secure to use?
Yes, Everzippy is completely private and secure. It uses end-to-end Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and 12S-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption.

Q5. Can I conduct polls & surveys for my attendees?
Yes, you can create polls & surveys before the webinar begins. You can launch pop-up polls during the webinar.

Q6. How to save Q & A from Webinar?
Sessions from each webinar are automatically saved and ready to be viewed in the Attendee Report in two hours.

EverZippy Review: Pricing and How to buy it?

EverZippy has 1 front end and 4 OTOs:

1.) Front-End - $49.00 (See Details
2.) EverZippy PRO - $67.00 (See Details for OTO1 Link)
3.) EverZippy Reseller - $199-$299-$499 (See Details for OTO2 Link)
4.) EverZippy Done For You Webinar Suite + Webinar MasterClass - $77.00
(See Details for OTO3 Link)
5.) EverZippy Personal - $91.00 (See Details for OTO Link)
6.) EverZippy Commercial - $98.00 (See Details for OTO Link)

Note: Make sure that you buy the Front-End first and then buy the OTOs if you want. If you buy the OTOs only then you will receive nothing and then you will have to waste your time on asking for a refund.

EverZippy Review: Conclusion

I hope you liked this intensive Everzippy review and with all this information I hope now you understand why Everzippy is the best webinar automation software out there.

With Everzippy you can automate all the redundant tasks and instead focus on the more important tasks that will help you generate more revenue.

Lastly, I would like to thank you for reading my review and I hope you can now make the right decision and scale your business.

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