*6 Ways* How To Fix TWINUI Error in Windows 10?

What are TWINUI windows 10?

TWINUI refers to Tablet Windows User Interface. The first introduction of it took place on Windows 8. After that, it was continued by Microsoft to provide this app in all the latest versions of Windows.

TWINUI is referred to as a bug in Windows 10 which doesn’t allow users to change the default program in the setting as well as the default application reset to TWINUI bug.

Users fail to set default programs. It might be because of different reasons such as registry corruption or several other reasons.

It’s not an app but more of a system’s library which plays an essential role In the Windows shell. All the opening links or files are handled by TWINUI by providing support to other different programs.

What is the main reason behind the TWINUI Error on Windows 10?

One of the common errors behind the occurrence of this error is a corrupted system registry. The default app settings would be reset by your PC to show TWINUI. But the above article would recommend some fixes to get rid of such issues.

How to fix TWINUI error in Windows 10?

Time needed: 7 minutes.

The errors related to TWINUI not working on Windows 10 can be easily fixed by following simple lucid steps. Initially, a user should try by applying the below steps:- The first and foremost step is to reboot your PC. After the processing of the robot, try opening the file where you have faced some errors. Keep a check on your pending updates related to Windows. Install it when you find an update pending. Be assured that every downloaded application from the windows stores is updated.

  1. Removal of TWINUI error through Windows PowerShell

    You might try removing the TWINUI error with Windows PowerShell. While trying this fix you are required to enter some commands for setting the programs to default values.
    1. Tap on Windows+S keys and search for Windows Power Shell and click on the Run as administrator option.
    2. Now copy-paste the following code: Get-AppXPackage | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode – Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}
    3. The process might take some time so you have to be patient. Avoid opening any sites since your files are being scanned properly. Meanwhile, your settings are changed.
    Exit the window after completion of the process. Restart your device to check if all the changes have taken place.windows power shell

  2. Resetting the images app configuration file

    If the error pops up after opening your image application you might try to recycle the content of the configuration file for resetting it. You are required to delete your entire folder. Just delete your contents and restart your device. Here are some of the easy steps to help you out:-
    1. Press Windows+R keys to launch the Run utility.
    2. Enter the following command in the text field: %appdata%\..\Local\Packages\Microsoft.Windows.Photos_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState
    3. Hit Enter.
    4. Now copy the contents of the folder to another folder so you can figure out the errors.
    5. Copy your files and then empty the folder.
    6. Restart your device to see if the error is still present.paste the code in the run box

  3. Run your system file checker

    If you find that the system configuration files are corrupted then you should run your system file checker utility. Microsoft designed SFC for fixing corrupt as well as missing files. The steps are detailed below:-
    1. For launching the run utility, enter Windows+R.
    2. In the text field input CMD and hit Enter.
    3. The Command Prompt would open after this step.
    4. Now enter the following command in the command line: sfc /scannow. Be patient while your Windows checks all your system files properly and detects any issue.
    5. Don’t interrupt while the process is taking place.
    6. Don’t worry if any errors crop since the SFC utility would fix the errors.
    7. Lastly, don’t forget to reboot your PC to be assured of all the changes made.

  4. Installation of pending Windows Updates

    Windows regularly release significant updates for fixing errors as well as bugs in your operating system. Think twice before installing an update. Follow the detailed steps below:-
    1. Tap on the Windows+S keys for launching your search bar.
    2. Input Windows update into the text field and simultaneously, press Enter.
    3. Tap on the icon which says, ‘Check for updates.’ All the available updates would be checked by windows followed by installation.
    4. After the completion of the installation process, restart your PC. Look if your issue is resolved after the system is updated.

  5. Restoring your system 

    If the above fixes don’t work for you, try restoring your system. However, keep in mind that it is possible only if you have created a restore point before the occurrence of the error. Some of the steps which might help you are as follows:
    1. Press the Windows+S key to launch your search bar.
    2. Input Restore into your text field and click Enter.
    3. Find the System Protection section and tap on System restore. You would be guided by a wizard by following all the steps for the restoration of the system.
    4. Click next and follow all the given instructions thoroughly.
    5. From the list of different available options decide a restore point. If there’s more than a single restore point, it would be displayed on the screen.
    6. Windows would ask for users’ confirmation. Don’t forget to save your work and take a backup of all the files so that you don’t miss something.

  6. Reset all your apps and files to their defaults

    If the errors take place it proves the fact that the app settings of your device have been changed to display TWINUI after opening a file or link. If you restore Microsoft suggested defaults it might solve your problem without any inconvenience. Go through the steps to proceed further:-
    1. For opening settings enter the Windows + I shortcut key.
    2. Navigate to Apps and click on it.
    3. Click Reset after opening the Default apps section.
    4. Make sure to reboot your device to complete the process properly.click reset after opening the default apps

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is TWINUI a virus?

No TWINUI error is not a virus but more like a bug caused due to registry corruption.

Is it possible to remove Twinui from Windows 10?

TWINUI is a system library and can be found in the system2 folder as twinui.dll.

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