How to Delete Coinswitch Account – Complete A-Z Tutorial

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Coinswitch is one of the famous Indian crypto trading platforms where you can buy, sell, and transfer cryptos. So in this post you will learn how to delete coinswitch account quickly and without any hassle.

  1. Open the Coinswitch Kuber app on your android and iPhone

    Search for the Coinswitch app on your android or iPhone.
    coinswitch app

  2. Tap on the Profile icon

    Tap on the profile icon in the bottom right corner.
    tap on the profile view

  3. Tap on the Help & Support option

    Now tap on the Help & Support option
    help and support

  4. Tap on the Account Related option

    Now tap on the Account Related option and select the Account Closure option.
    account related

  5. Select the “What is the CoinSwitch Account closure process?” option

    On the screen, you will now see 3 options. Select the What is the CoinSwitch Account closure process? option.
    account closure

  6. Send an email to Coinswitch with necessary details

    In the next interface, Coinswitch will ask you to email them for account closure along with the registered email id and mobile number.
    account closure

  7. Create a ticket or just email them

    You can click on the Contact Us option and create a support ticket and fill in all the necessary details and give them a reason for deletion or chat with them and waste your time.

  8. After submitting you will be notified about your issue

    After submitting your ticket/email you will get a confirmation mail from Coinswitch.

You can also email Coinswitch directly at and type a nice email explaining to them why you are not interested in using their app.

To reduce the number of to and fro emails give your registered email and phone number in the mail itself.

Most probably you will get a call from the Coinswitch representative asking you the reason for deleting your account.

Give firm answers and insist on deactivating/deleting your account.

Things to do before deleting your Coinswitch account?

  • Make sure you sell all your cryptos and you have ₹0 in your account
  • Enter correct account details or else your account won’t be deleted
  • You have cleared all your dues in case your account carries any negative balance, otherwise the crypto exchange will ask you to clear all your pending dues
  • You are not banned for doing any illegal trading

How to contact Coinswitch?

Apparently, they don’t have any contact number listed on their site but they do have an email address on which you can contact them: or create a support ticket by visiting their site at

You can also contact them through their app.

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