How To Download Facebook Videos Without Any Special Software

This guide contains all the different ways to download Facebook, Twitter and YouTube videos on PC and Android with and without any software. 

So lets dive into it.  

how to download facebook twitter and youtube videos without any software


How to download facebook video of any profile or page on the internet?

Step 1:

Go to any Facebook page and select videos section. 

Step 2: 

Select video of your choice.

Step 3:

Click on that video and then copy the URL.

Step 4:

Now go to “FBDOWN” website and paste the copied URL into the search box.

With this app, you can download Facebook videos without losing quality.

How to download facebook videos from private group or closed group?

Well, you can’t download videos from closed or private groups using above methods but you can download videos by installing a chrome extension called as “Video Downloader for Facebook“. It is one of the best chrome extension to download facebook videos because it can download any private facebook video easily.

Whenever you play a video just hover over your cursor over the video and a little pop up will appear something like this.

How to download facebook videos from closed group or private group?

Now click on it and just download the video. 

How to download facebook videos on android without any software?

To do this open your FB account in chrome browser.

Then play any video and copy its URL.

And just like above method open “FBDOWNin your chrome browser and paste the URL.

Then download it. 

How to download facebook videos on Android with software?

In reality, there is no secure app to download facebook videos as every app requires you to sign into Facebook through their app which means all your personal info will be saved in their databases. 

If you are aware of any such app which is secure then you can comment down. I will mention you in the post.

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How to download twitter videos?


How to download twitter videos without any software?

Just open any video on twitter and click on the downward arrow on the tweet.

Select “Copy link to tweet”.

Now go to “Download Twitter Video” and paste the link in the search box. 

Now you can download high-quality twitter videos such as HD. 

You can also download twitter videos on Android with this method. 

Best Chrome extension to download twitter videos? 

As such, there is no good extension on which we can rely upon to download any twitter video.

I will update this blog if I found any good twitter extension so stay tuned.

Best android app to download twitter videos? 

Well, this the only best app I found on google play store Twitter Video Downloader“. As it doesn’t require you to sign up but only asks you to give permission to your gallery. 

First, go to any twitter video and click on the share button at the bottom right corner. 

Select the app icon and then the video will be ready to download. 

How to download YouTube videos?


How to download youtube videos without any software?

Open any youtube video of your choice and copy its URL.

Go to “QDownloader” and paste your video. 

Now you can download any video in any format and with/without audio.

Beware of the unwanted pop-ups. 

Best Chrome extension to download youtube videos? 

Since 2014 Google has banned all the extensions which offer youtube video downloading.

Best android app to download youtube videos? 

First download “Tubemate” app. The best part about this app is that you don’t require to login to download youtube video. 
Now open any video and copy its URL by clicking on the share button. 
Open the Tubemate app and paste the copied URL in the URL section.
Now click on the arrow to download the youtube video in whichever format and quality you prefer. 


I hope now you have a list of different ways to download Facebook, Twitter and YouTube videos in different scenarios. 

If you know any other secure website or app then please comment down below. 

Thank You!!! 

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