(13 Steps) On How To Increase Battery Life Of HP Laptop + FAQs

Laptops have really become more advanced and have improved in the last few years compared to laptops from the previous decade. But they won’t be as efficient as it was in its infancy after few years. It will experience problems such as battery problems, charging and performance problems. So here are few methods you need to follow on how to increase battery life of HP laptop which are easy to carry out. But before that let us download the battery health report because we will be using it later.

How to check laptop battery health in Windows 10?

How To Increase Battery Life Of HP Laptop

Open CMD as an admin and type “powercfg /batteryreport
then it will show a message “Battery life report saved to C:WINDOWSsystem32battery-report.html.”
now press “Windows+R” and type “C:WINDOWSsystem32battery-report.html“.

How to check laptop battery health in Windows 10?
Step 1


How to check laptop battery health in Windows 10?
Step 2


How to check laptop battery health in Windows 10?
Step 3

This file will open in your web browser. And now you can check your laptop’s battery status.


1.) Lower your screen brightness

The screen is the most energy consuming part of the laptop. It uses a huge amount of battery to keep your screen brightness.

So to control your screen’s use the F2 and F3 key on your keyboard to increase or decrease the screen brightness.

2.) Change your power settings

If you are using Windows 10 on your laptop then you are blessed to have power features which you can optimize to increase the battery life of hp laptop when you are plugged in and when not plugged in.

You can choose after how much time to put your pc in sleep mode when charging and without charging, after what percentage to turn on battery saving mode.

You can also create a customized power plan according to your needs.

Go to Settings –> System –> Power & Sleep –> Additional Power Settings –> Create a power plan.

How to change your power settings. Step 2
Step 1


How to change your power settings. Step 2
Step 2


3.) Remove wireless keyboards and mouses 

We care about our laptops a lot and we don’t want to damage any of its parts as we know how costly they are.

So we buy wireless keyboards, mouses, and webcams to make our life easier. 

But since most of the time, we are constantly typing and clicking but when we are not doing all these tasks simultaneously like watching a movie we can instead eject other unwanted peripherals and save that much amount of battery life.

4.) Turn on airplane mode

Wi-fi, Bluetooth and other communication mode drain your laptop battery because even when you are not using them they are constantly searching for other networks. 

If you are using a Windows 10 laptop then you can do it by with just a click.

Click on the bottom right corner of your screen and select “Airplane Mode”.

5.) Terminate unwanted background programs

Another best way to increase battery life of HP laptop is to disable background apps. They are the apps which open automatically in the background and perform their task without our knowledge. 

Some of these background programs are of a very complex softwares which a huge chunk of your memory. 

So to terminate them type “ctrl+alt+delete“. Then go to “Task Manager” and select “Processes” tab and then go through each process which you think is of no use to you.

Terminate unwanted background programs
Terminate unwanted background programs

6.) Close those multiple browser tabs

A lot of us when browsing through net come across something interesting and suddenly there is some another catchy headline below that post and we open the previous link in new tab and later visit the second one.

We think we can multitask but the truth is we end up opening 10s of new tabs in our browser and hence this reduces the battery life.

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7.) Save charge cycles

All batteries come with limited charge cycles and laptop batteries are no different.

A charge cycle refers to charging from 0% to 100% and discharging back from 100% back to 0%.

Hence it is important to customize the power settings according to your need and hence refer point #2 to increase battery life of your hp laptop.


8.) Turn on battery saver mode in Windows 10

Windows 10 has one of the best features when it comes to saving battery life by giving an option of battery saver.

By default, your Windows 10 laptop will turn on battery saver when the battery falls below 20%. 

It disables email and calendar syncing, push notifications, and some apps from running in the background.

Though you can change it according to your need by going to Settings > System > Battery.

Turn on battery saver mode in Windows 10
Turn on battery saver mode in Windows 10

9.) Keep your laptop cool

You might have experienced it several times that when you use the laptop for a long time and touch beneath the laptop it becomes very hot.

This not only hurts your battery but also damages other parts of your laptop. 

So the best way to tackle this problem is to use it in environmentally friendly conditions.

Consider it as if you are comfortable in that environment so will be your laptop. 

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10.) Don’t sleep only hibernate

It is a very common practice to pull down your laptop screen whenever you want to take a break when you are working on the laptop.

Instead of putting it on a sleep mode what you can do is go to Start –> Power –> Hibernate.

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11.)Add a second battery to your hp laptop

Benefits of adding a second battery are:-

♠️ When there is no other way to charge your laptop battery a spare battery can be really helpful in that situation.

♠️ With the help of a second battery, you can increase the run time of your laptop which indeed will help you get your work done in a one go without having to care much about the charging of the battery.

How to add a second battery to hp laptop?

There is an extended battery which connects to the underside to your laptop. 
which looks like this:
How to add a second battery to hp laptop?
How to add a second battery to hp laptop?

You can also watch a tutorial on how to set up a second battery.

12.) Use Microsoft Edge for browsing 

According to Microsoft’s claims Edge your battery will last 36-53% longer per charge than when browsing with Chrome, Firefox, or Opera on Windows 10.

13.) The last option

With time the efficiency of your laptop battery will decrease and reach a stage where it will be only 50% efficient in storing energy.

So always purchase a laptop which has a removable battery and costs less than that of the laptop.

And finally, when nothing above these methods work the only last option remains is to buy a new battery according to the model no. of your laptop.

Watch this video to see if these claims are true or not?


♠️ What is average laptop battery life?

A laptop battery lasts for an average of 6-8 hrs but if you are performing heavy tasks such as gaming, working with multiple softwares open at the same time etc. then it might last up to 3 hrs. 

♠️ Can a laptop battery explode?

Yes, laptop batteries can explode due to a phenomenon called thermal runaway. It is when the battery produces more heat than it can handle. Li-ion batteries can damage due to excessive storage heat of 60 degrees Celsius.

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♠️ Can overcharging damage laptop battery?

Li-ion batteries are designed in such a way that overcharging doesn’t affect it because it has an internal circuit which stops the charging once it has fully charged.

The only way it can overcharge is when it the internal circuit malfunctions causing the battery to overcharge.

♠️ Can you replace a laptop battery?

Yes, laptop batteries are replaceable and can be easily replaced. You can search on Amazon or the official website of your laptop manufacturer and order one. 

♠️ What is the cost of HP laptop battery?

The cost of HP laptop batteries ranges from $15 to $70. You can buy laptop battery for your laptop from amazon. Link.

♠️ Solution to laptop battery keeps charging and discharging? 

Visit the Microsoft forum here

♠️ How long does a laptop battery lasts?

There are three key factors that determine for how long your laptop battery will lasts and they are:

1.) Hardware
2.) How laptop is treated
3.) Tasks performed on it

1.) Hardware: The better the RAM, processor, graphics card, etc. the laptop battery can last longer.

2.) How laptop is treated: If you take a good care of your laptop then it will surely last longer.

3.) Tasks performed on it: If you have purchased your laptop for browsing, surfing sending emails, watching youtube videos and other less demanding tasks then it will last longer but if you are using it for gaming, video editing and other high demanding tasks then the laptop battery will burn out

♠️ How to findlaptop battery model number?

Watch this video.

♠️ When to replace hp laptop battery?

First, you need to calculate the battery health report as mentioned in the starting of the article. 

Normally after a few years, your laptop battery will become less efficient. 

I would consider replacing my battery when the efficiency drops below 40% because it will really hinder my laptop’s performance.

♠️ How long would a car battery power a laptop?

For the safety of your laptop don’t try these.


I hope now you know how to save extra battery life with these amazing 13 tips.

What are some other methods you know which you use to increase battery life of your laptop? Do comment down below.

Thank You!

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