How to Increase Power Bank Life and Efficiency?

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A power bank is truly a lifesaver for your mobile phone because it acts as a life potion when your mobile phone is about to die. But like any electronic device power banks have a fixed life span after which they will stop working. But you don’t have to worry as I have created a list on how to increase power bank life which will surely extend your power bank’s life by some more months.

  1. Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures

    Heat and humidity are the biggest enemies of a power bank. Because with the increase in the temperature the resistance also increases. It happens because the resistors release the electrical energy in the form of heat and as hotter it gets the resistance increases.
    It is also important to use your power bank properly in different weather conditions. When it’s raining outside it is better not to pull out your power bank as it will get wet because of the rain. Also, remember not to put your power bank under direct sunlight as it will damage the power bank. Instead, you should buy protective cases for your power bank which will protect it from dust, moist and water. Buy protective cases on Amazon.

  2. Don’t drop your power bank

    Even though we take care of our power banks we can still drop them on the floor by accident. If the power bank hits the floor at an inconvenient angle then it will surely get damaged. Hence it is important to buy a power bank that is made of a material that will protect it from shock damages and fall. Or else you can buy protective coverings which will protect your power bank. Buy protective cases on Amazon.

  3. Use high-quality USB cables for charging

    If you think that the brand and quality of USB cables don’t matter when it comes to power banks then you are wrong. Using poor quality and long cables will waste a lot of currents and eventually destroy your power bank. It is not advised to have long USB chargers because a lot of energy is lost in the resistance offered by the cable. Since the electricity has to travel a long length the resistance offered is huge by a long cable compared to the short one. 6 inches to 1 foot is enough length for a power bank charger anything beyond that is not advised. For android users, Anker Powerline+ is the best brand of USB cables while Anker Powerline II is the best brand for iPhone users.

  4. Do not use pass-through charging

    Pass-through charging allows you to charge your devices, like your phone through a power bank that is being charged through an outlet. In simple terms, it lets electricity flow directly from the wall into your power bank and into your mobile phone. It is advised not to use pass-through charging because it puts stress on your power bank which will damage it and reduce the power bank life.

  5. Use your power bank regularly

    You should use your power bank on a daily basis to keep it healthy and improve the power charger life. Using it daily will help your power bank hold charge for long overtime.
    However, if you let your power bank sit idle for a long time it will not be able to hold a charge for a long time. If you don’t use it frequently then it is best to charge and discharge it at least once a month.

  6. Always buy an original power bank

    If money is not a problem for you then never buy a cheap power bank.
    Because a cheap power bank has a very short life cycle and will work smoothly for a few days or a few weeks and might eventually blow up or might suddenly stop working.
    This will surely damage your mobile phone.
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  7. Always clean your power bank

    Every electronic device gets dirty and needs to be cleaned. The dirt can be oil that is transferred from our oily fingers to the power bank which makes the power bank sticky.
    You can clean your power bank easily with just a piece of cloth. You don’t need to buy any chemicals to clean it (as using chemicals will ruin your power bank).

  8. Use your power bank as intended

    Power banks are made of ports which has particular specifications like some ports charge at 5V and 1A while fast charging power banks charge at 5V and 2A also called fast charging. If your mobile phone is not compatible with fast charging then your mobile phone might get damaged. So always purchase the power bank that is suitable for your mobile phone and use the right ports.

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These are a few ways you can follow to prolong your power bank life.

Also, don’t forget to always read the user’s manual as it has all the information on how to increase power bank life and efficiency. Just remember to safely handle all the electronic devices.

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