(10 Methods) How to Make Android Phone Run Faster w/o Rooting in 10s

Your android phone doesn’t process anymore the way it used to when it was new. When it was brand new you were mesmerized by the way it would respond quickly to your taps. As months pass by it starts lagging and it starts making no sense to spend a huge amount of your salary to use a laggy phone and you wonder why is my phone so slow all of a sudden. The end result is to google for how to speed up my android phone? , how to make android phone run faster? or how can i speed up my android phone? etc… 



So in this guide, I will show you top 10 ways to speed your android phone without rooting.

how to make android phone run faster
Redmi Note 4 | Android Phone

But before we dive into this let us answer to the query “Why is my android phone running slow and freezing?”.

a.) Outdated Android version


A lot of times when we are surfing the net, playing games or watching youtube we see a notification about our latest system update and we just ignore it thinking we will update it later but later never comes.

b.)  Unwanted and unused apps


Our android phone comes with a lot of unwanted apps which we never use and the worst part is that we cannot uninstall those apps and the only way to uninstall is through rooting your mobile phone but I highly don’t recommend it if your mobile phone is under warranty period.

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c.) Live wallpapers


Live wallpapers may look good on the front side but underneath it is killing your battery power and eating away a huge chunk of your mobile space.

how to make android phone run faster without rooting?

a.) Clear cached data


Cached data is the information which your mobile phone stores when it visits any website or uses an app and the data is stored on your mobile phone or tablet. So the next time when you visit that website or app the data is already available for use so it reduces your loading speed and improves the UX. But as time passes by it is one of the culprits who slows down your phone. To delete your cached data follow this steps- Settings —> Storage —> Cached Data.

b.) Turn off Auto-sync option


The Gmail account helps us to sync all our important data like photos, videos, messages etc. in our google drive. It is actually a good thing but syncing quite often reduces the processing speed of our android phones especially when we are doing some other important task on our phone. Though turning off the sync option will improve your phone speed by a considerable amount but it is not recommended. Instead, you should allocate the particular time of a day to sync all your information. To turn off sync option go to Settings —> Sync —> Turn off auto-sync.

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c.) Update apps


Sometimes the update size of an app is too big and we think it is better not to update that app as the file size of that app or games increases with time but it is a wrong decision because the new update contains various bug fixes, fixes for app crash and many improvements which help the app run smoothly and prevent the phone from crashing your system. To update your apps go to Google Play Store —> Right swipe your extreme left —> My apps and games —> Update.

d.) Remove unwanted apps


A newly bought android phone comes with a lot of unwanted apps which are of no use and it just stays there for no reason. These apps are also not easy to uninstall and they can be removed only by rooting your phone. The best way is to Disable apps by going to Settings —> Apps —> All. Go through all apps and decide which to Disable. Just google if you don’t understand anything.

e.) Don’t use Live Wallpapers


Live wallpapers look mesmerizing to watch and it makes your phone lively but at the same time it not only drains your battery but also if you are using an old version of android phone it heats up your mobile phone such that it becomes difficult to hold your phone. Never use a launcher app. To delete live wallpapers go to your respective launcher app and disable live wallpaper option.

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f.) Remove unwanted widgets


Widgets are the best feature of android phones since it provides you with an easy alternative for any particular option of an app like in Whatsapp you can widget any chat groups/person on your home screen so you get to look only that chat and not open the app. But they are constantly running in the background collecting information and at the same time draining your battery. So be very choosy when selecting which widgets to choose and which not to use. To remove widgets tap and hold any widget —> Then delete that widget.

g.) Update your Android version


System Updates is the most important feature of android phones because it not only fixes the bug, increases stability but also improves the processing speed. It also deletes unwanted system files which take up unwanted space. To Update your android version go to Settings—> About Phone —> System Update.

h.) Low internal memory space


The most annoying thing about android phones is the low internal memory space. You have to be very choosy with what apps to install and after you install it you need to move the data of that app/game to SD card in order to free some storage space. So the best option is to use the lite version of apps which not only saves storage but also prevents from draining the battery. To check your internal storage go to Settings —> Storage.

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i.) Restart the Phone


Just like when we humans get sick we are advised to sleep for few hours in the same way when your android phone starts to lag just reboot/restart your phone. It is not the best way but it surely prevents your phone from lagging for few more hours. To restart your android phone Press and hold power key button —> Then click on Restart /Reboot

j.) Perform Factory Reset


The ultimate solution for your laggy android phone is to do FACTORY RESET. After you factory reset your android phone it deletes all your app, game data, photos, videos, messages, documents saved in your internal memory but it does not delete any data from your SD card. So it is advised to backup all your important information and then perform a factory reset. To perform factory reset go to Settings —> Backup & Reset —> Factory Reset

It is the last option on how to make android phone run faster.

Factory reset, factory reset samsung,hard reset samsung,how to reset iphone
Factory Reset



Download SD Maid app from here. It has both free and paid version. It is the best android cleaner or cache cleaner app on the Google Play Store and also it is less than 20 MB in size and it has a lot of cool features such as-

1.) Corpse Finder – This feature scans all the files and directories which belongs to apps which are no longer installed.

2.) App Cleaner – It deletes all the unwanted files from your android phone without deleting any important app data.

3.) Duplicates – It deletes all the duplicate files, images, and videos leaving behind only single original copy.

4.) Storage Analyzer – It shows you a detailed information about which folders take up huge space in your mobile phone in decreasing order so you can delete unwanted files.

and many more…

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Time needed: 5 minutes.

Here are 10 ways using which you can easily make your android phone run faster without rooting:

  1. Clear cached data

  2. Turn off Auto-sync option

  3. Update apps

  4. Remove unwanted apps

  5. Don’t use Live Wallpapers

  6. Remove unwanted widgets

  7. Update your Android version

  8. Low internal memory space

  9. Restart the Phone

  10. Perform Factory Reset


I hope now you know how to make android phone run faster without rooting your device.

Comment down your experience after trying any of the above-listed ways.

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