How to Remotely Track Someone’s WhatsApp Messages Secretly?

WhatsApp garners the number 1 position in instant messaging apps with 1.6 billion active users. It has certainly surpassed Facebook Messenger by 2 million users. Though the app is popular and both adults and young use it actively, there are a few risks attached to it. There have been cases where fake news and rumors spread through WhatsApp lead to fatalities. The viral Blue Whale challenge is not unknown either, that took the life of many teenagers. So, it is important to stay atop of what your loved ones are sharing and receiving on WhatsApp to ensure that they do not get trapped in some scam and are safe from all kinds of cyber threats.

For that, you must have access to the WhatsApp messages, and using an app to monitor this instant messaging app is your best way to go about it. You can read more about such phone tracking apps here. The goal to keep an eye on your loved ones and especially children, who need our guidance. Xnspy is a well-known app for monitoring WhatsApp that you use for monitoring all WhatsApp activities. Read on below to find in detail how this app functions.

Xnspy – Getting Started

  • Visit the official website to subscribe to either the Basic edition for $4.99/month or Premium edition for $7.49/month. You can have full functionality of features with the latter. 
  • For WhatsApp monitoring on an Android phone, you need physical access to it for download and installation. You will get an email containing all the necessary information.
  • If it’s an iPhone, you need the iCloud credentials of the phone user. The app does not require installation. It syncs with the iCloud of a person to get data from their phone. And you can see it all from the online dashboard.
  • You are going to get all the details regarding installation through an email. Then, there is a 24/7 customer support service to help you as well. The app creates a web account for you from where you can access the dashboard and view all the phone activities and functions.
How to Remotely Track Someone’s WhatsApp messages

Access WhatsApp Activities

Here is what Xnspy lets you access:

WhatsApp Chats

Xnspy lets you view all the chat conversations that take place on the app. You can read the incoming and outgoing text messages with their date, time, and contact details. If Xnspy has created a backup, you can read deleted messages as well.

Also, the app gives you the ease of adding certain words or contacts to the Watchlist. The Watchlist feature triggers an alert whenever these words or contacts appear in the chats and notifies you right away.

Monitor WhatsApp Calls

WhatsApp is a popular means to make calls audio and video calls. You can get to know who the phone user is talking to even if they remove the details. You can access the call logs via Xnspy. The app also supports offline monitoring and works even in the absence of an internet connection.

You can also view the saved contacts on the phone.

Access Multimedia

Like most of the instant messaging apps, WhatsApp too lets you share images, videos, audio files, and GIFs to your contacts. You can monitor the multimedia the phone user sends or receives through WhatsApp.

That is all. Xnspy is a fairly simple app that lets you monitor WhatsApp along with all popular social instant messaging apps. The app lets you be in the know of all the phone activities that take place on the phone.

Why Xnspy?

How to Remotely Track Someone’s WhatsApp messages

Xnspy is silent software that continues to record all the phone activities to the web account without hindering or affecting the phone performance. Apart from monitoring WhatsApp, you can enjoy so many features, such as:

  • Monitoring text messages
  • Monitoring calls
  • Call and surround recording
  • Access to emails, calendar entries, and contact list
  • GPS location tracking with geofencing
  • Wi-Fi logs (Android)
  • Keylogger (Android)
  • Watchlist alerts for specific words, contacts, and locations
  • Web browsing history
  • Social media activities

Here are some of the main reasons why you should use Xnspy to remotely track WhatsApp messages along with chats and conversations of other instant messaging and social media apps:

Accurate Data

Xnspy works in real-time and you can trust it to give you precise data. Xnspy records the activities as they happen.

User-friendly Interface

Xnspy features an easy and intuitive interface so that everyone can use it easily. If you visit the website, you are going to find plenty of tutorials and how-to guides so you can learn your way around the app.


There is no dearth in the market of spy apps, but affordable ones do come rarely. Xnspy is one of those apps that is offering a wide range of advanced monitoring features without being costly. The app lets an average parent and small business employers to conveniently use this app for monitoring.

Easy Installation

The app is easy to understand and even easier to install. The process takes barely a few minutes. After subscribing to the app, you will receive an email containing all the relevant information regarding installation, making it an effective option for WhatsApp monitoring that does not involve complicated steps.

Excellent Compatibility and Features

Xnspy works seamlessly and silently on both Android and iOS devices. You can use a wide range of monitoring features by going with the Premium version that lets you use the maximum number of monitoring features. 

Varied Audience

Xnspy can be used in many ways and caters to a diverse audience. You could use it to watch your tween and teen activity on the internet. Employers can use the app on company-owned phones to make sure that employees refrain from engaging in unethical activity via WhatsApp or waste time chatting on the app during work hours.

Data Privacy and Security

The data that Xnspy stores during monitoring are kept safe as customer privacy is the utmost. Whatever data the company records, it is sent directly to the web account, and you can stay assured that none of the monitoring details bypass the app’s server.

Offline Monitoring

Xnspy is one of the rare apps that come with the offline monitoring feature. This means that the app continues to record the data about phone activities in the absence of an internet connection. And as soon as the phone connects to the internet, Xnspy sends all the recorded information to be uploaded to the web account from where you can access it via the dashboard.

24/7 Customer Support

The app gets full marks in customer support service. The customer support is ready to assist customers with any queries or complaints. The users can avail of customer assistance whenever they want as Xnspy offers assistance 24/7. You can simply go to their website and use the on-screen chat widget. 

You would find Xnspy’s customer support efficient and helpful with any issue that you might face regarding the installation or functioning of the app. You can go through the online customer reviews and testimonials as well and see how the users found the app and its customer service.

Wrapping Up

So, with Xnspy, you can remotely keep an eye on someone’s WhatsApp messages and remotely monitor all of their WhatsApp and other phone activities. Xnspy is a reliable and secure app that keeps your data safe and performs well on both Android and iPhone devices. You need to have access to the phone for the first time only, and then you can carry on without ever have to touch the phone.

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