How to Take Screenshots in Restricted Apps in Android without Root?

It was until recently that I realized that I couldn’t send my bank account details to my parents.

So I searched on the internet and found out that a lot of streaming apps, banking apps, etc. don’t allow you to take a screenshot of the app.

So today you can learn how to take screenshots in restricted apps in android without root.

It is one of the easiest ways to bypass screenshot security in android.

It works on the majority of the apps so if you find out that it doesn’t work on your desired app then the only way to take screenshots is to root your android phone.

How to Take Screenshots in Restricted Apps in Android without Root

Time needed: 1 minute.

Here is how you can easily take screenshots in restricted apps in android without rooting your phone.

  1. Firstly open the desired app of whose screenshot you have to take.

  2. Then open Google Assistant by pressing the home button.

    Now click on the Compass icon.
    open google assistant by pressing the home button

  3. Now on the Explore page click on the vertical three dots to open Settings.

    click on the vertical three dots to open settings

  4. Now click on the Phone under the Devices section.

  5. Scroll down under the General section and enable Use Screen Context to enable GA to take a screenshot.

    Now what this option does is show you what’s on your screen when you hold the Home button.
    Now open the restricted app which doesn’t allow you to take a screenshot and now open the GA.
    Now tap on “What’s on my screen?”.
    Next, Google Assistant analyzes what’s on your page. This is not of any significance and you can tap on Share Screenshot on this page. Now, Google Assistant will take a screenshot and will give you a pop-up to share with different apps.
    The easiest way to take a screenshot in restricted apps is using GA.
    Make sure that you disable the screen analysis settings once you have taken the screenshot.
    This will protect your screen data from being analyzed by Google Assistant.

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Best apps to take a screenshot without root

These apps are the best way to take a screenshot because some apps like Snapchat let other users know when you screenshot their posts.

1.) eyeZy

eyeZy features a built-in screen recorder that takes snapshot of their Android as they use their device. This feature of eyeZy is incredibly handy for capturing things like Snapchat conversations and other social media chats. It lets you see what they said — even if they’ve deleted their messages.

The screen recorder tool is just one part of what makes eyeZy so powerful. Also included is direct access to their social media conversations, plus their inbox where you can read their emails, their phone app where you can see their call history, their files where you can see their stored pics and videos, and so much more.

It gets better. eyeZy also includes functionality that lets you find their current and past locations on a map. And you can even receive notifications when they use a controversial word in chat or search.

2.) AZ Screen Recorder

AZ screen recorder has 4.6 and over 10 million downloads.

The primary function of this app is to record a video. But you can also take screenshots using these.

The best feature of this app is that has no limits, no watermarks, and no ads.

3.) Screenshot touch

Screenshot touch has a 4.5 rating and over 10 million downloads.

For fast access, it has an overlay and a persistent notification.

Other features include image cropper, scroll capture, screen recording, and many more.

The free version contains ads while the PRO version has other exciting features.


Another great way of taking screenshots is using phone tracking apps. You can read more about these apps and how effective they are on this website.

I hope you find this article useful and now you know how to take screenshots when the app doesn’t allow them.

Do let me know in the comments section which app was your favorite.

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