7 trends in the education of the future

Emphasis on Continuity in Learning Any professional will tell you that to improve his performance he doesn’t need to be separately distracted by additional training. Therefore, perhaps the future of modern education is partly in the application of a system of continuity. A digital approach to the organization of the educational process Nowadays computer and … Read more

How Much Faster Is Ethernet?

Setting up your internet connection boils down to choosing between wired and wireless. To decide which one to use, it’s important you know the difference between the two because internet speed could vary significantly.  Isn’t an ethernet connection outdated? Yes, ethernet was first used in the time of the VHS, but the technology has been … Read more

Why The Pirate Bay Is Still a Good Source of File Sharing?

pirate bay

The website’s primary purpose is hosting torrent files that host media illegally published on the internet without the permission of copyright holders. The website claims to be fighting for its right to exist, as it argues that it is not a pirate site but rather an anti-copyright organization fighting for freedom of speech and expression. … Read more

5 Professional Online Video Editing Tools For Windows And Mac To Look Out For In 2022

Video has become one of the foremost ways of propagating information and brand awareness. At any given point in time, there are countless videos being consumed by scores of people for the very reasons that we’ve stated above, among other things. Brands, media houses, and influencers have also jumped onto the video content bandwagon to … Read more