Best App Companions for Your Next Hiking Trip

Source: – @toomastartes As we are entering the post-pandemic world, most public spaces have once again been available for us to use. Besides going to the gym, people often prefer doing their exercise outdoors- one of their favorite options is hiking. Though, more than just exercise, people also often use hiking to take a … Read more

How to fix KMP External Codec cpu arm64-v8a and play unsupported videos?

KMPlayer is the most common and widely used media player on iOS and Android devices. One of the main reasons for this is that it is capable of supporting advanced video formats while consuming less power.  The only problem that most people encounter is the KMP external codec cpu arm64-v8a is not easily available … Read more

How to Use Binance Effectively?

binance app

Binance is a high-performance cryptocurrency trading platform. It was founded by Changpeng Zhao in 2017 after he got frustrated with how difficult it was to grow his bitcoin investment because most exchanges were either highly regulated or unavailable outside of China at the time. He wanted an easy way for anyone around the world – … Read more

How to Remotely Track Someone’s WhatsApp Messages Secretly?

WhatsApp garners the number 1 position in instant messaging apps with 1.6 billion active users. It has certainly surpassed Facebook Messenger by 2 million users. Though the app is popular and both adults and young use it actively, there are a few risks attached to it. There have been cases where fake news and rumors spread … Read more