5 Professional Online Video Editing Tools For Windows And Mac To Look Out For In 2022

Video has become one of the foremost ways of propagating information and brand awareness. At any given point in time, there are countless videos being consumed by scores of people for the very reasons that we’ve stated above, among other things. Brands, media houses, and influencers have also jumped onto the video content bandwagon to share their stories with the world. 

As per statistics, there are more video content consumers than people who read a blog post. Therefore, the importance of video editing can hardly be understated. What’s more, editing videos on different operating systems can become a chore if you aren’t aware of the right tools. So, if you are a beginner or a pro video editor who edits your videos on Windows and Mac, you must know your editing software.

So, without further ado, here are five amazing professional editing tools that you can use for Windows and Mac.

1. Lightworks- 

It has a simple interface that makes the life simple of a video editor. It works great in Windows and Linux. It has features like the trim function of high quality. It offers speed optimization, and once you export the video, you can share it to various platforms in one go. It supports many types of video formats.

Also, you will get templates that you can use to edit the videos. Niche video editing with premade templates makes your work easy and fast. The good thing about this tool is that you get the freedom to explore the features to edit videos and create the video that you dream of.

2. VideoPad- 

VideoPad is a perfect editing tool with a free service where you can create high-quality videos. The features are straightforward. You can go for a 3D version of editing, and there are many sound effects that you can use to make the video look fantastic. Also, add texts, transitions as per your choice.

After you finish exporting the final video, you can share the video as per your preferred social media platform. There are many effects, transitions that you can use to edit videos. 

3. HitFilm Express- 

It has a motion-tracking feature with cropping tools and color picking abilities. Also, it has composite shot enhancements through which you can animate two different shots to create a surreal video and a great effect. If you have any shaky footage, then you can get an auto-stabilizer quickly to make it smooth.

Also, you will get an auto mixer to get the fine-tuned sound, and it gives an output of the video in fine quality. The video transitions are fantastic to use. One can use these transitions to give a clean and smooth look to the video.

4. InVideo

This online editor has an extensive library of video templates for every use-case—over 4,500 templates and counting. You can opt for an easy-to-use editor to customize each template. It can add a VO (voice-over) or use the tool’s built-in text-to-speech technology—excellent for converting articles into videos. To create explainer videos, you can hire a narrator to narrate the video, and the AI will help you transfer the text to speech as well, which is why it is helpful. 

It is a web-based video editor that you can use on both Windows, Mac, Linux, ChromeOS, any desktop machine-based OS. You simply need to log in to your account using any browser. Then, you can easily drag and drop the files and edit the video as per your creative skill. 

It is the world’s first online video editor with an intelligent video assistant (IVA). It recommends corrections on the fly—the AI checks for stuff like text alignment, colors, animation speed, and many other parameters to suggest suggestions for things you might’ve missed (that are, frankly, difficult to spot otherwise).

You will get 24/7 live support—their working hours are 24/7. The FB page says “always open,” so you can get in touch with its support if you need any help figuring out how to use the platform.

You can use It for Facebook and Instagram Stories, YouTube Videos (entire videos, intros, outros), YouTube, Facebook, Instagram ads, Facebook and LinkedIn Newsfeed, Instagram post, Twitter timeline, Snapchat stories. 

You can select what you need the video for from their homepage, and they’ll list out a bunch of useful templates. There’s also a search bar where you can type in something like ‘real estate and the tool will provide you with the most appropriate templates. Pricing is one of the best things. You can use it for free, forever, as it has no free trial. 

Here, you will get a free plan which provides you with all of the editing features. The limitations are that you can create and export up to 60 videos per month, and the videos are watermarked. For a paid plan, you can check the website and get all the price details.

5. VSDC- 

It is editing software that you will get in both paid and free versions. Though the paid version has more features and you can use many incredible features in the paid version. The template is all about a 3D diagram that makes an excellent video for you.

It would help if you use different image filters to make it look excellent and effective. The templates are easy to use as per your niche. You can check the tutorial online to know how the editing tool works. It helps you understand the tool properly, and you can edit the video with perfection. 

6. FlexClip

A free yet powerful video editor that makes it possible for everyone to get a fancy video thanks to its outstanding video editing features. It works perfectly in Windows, Mac and Linux since it is based on browsers. This might be the best online editor you will get free and its free version is almost as efficient as the paid ones. It also has an easy-to-use interface and a handy navigation system.

FlexClip video editor offers over 1000+ handcrafted templates, and the media library of FlexClip is diverse and provides you access to thousands of images, GIFs, music, and more.


All the editing tools are incredible to use. You can use them to make the best of the video for your business or personal use. Now, you can tell your story through these videos. And, the editing tool makes your dream come true. You can edit the videos on these apps, and it gives you the best feeling to share the story with the entire world. 

Video editing is not complex. Follow free tutorials available online, and you will get an idea of how to edit the video as per your niche. With time, you will learn the trick and become a master of it.

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