Detailed Push Magic Review: Bonuses, OTOs, Offers Info

Are you struggling to generate revenue or want to learn how to make extra money with push notification ads? If yes, then keep reading my Push Magic review.

Push notification has become a new form of traffic source. Even big companies have started to utilize push notifications to conduct their marketing campaigns and generate massive revenue.

Push notifications offer High Visibility, High User Engagement, and are Free From AdBlockers. This makes Push Magic the best source to generate traffic and increase your revenue.

In this detailed Push Magic review, you will learn everything about this amazing tool.

Push Magic Review: Overview

Product Name:Push Magic
Vendor Name:Sam Zadworny
Product Type:Cloud-based software
Launch Date and Time: 2020-Mar-21 at 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price:$47
Skill Required:No need of any skills
Customer Support:Friendly and Effective
Gurantee Status:30-day Money Back Guarantee
Recommend:Very High
Official Site:Push Magic

Push Magic Review: Who is the creator?

Sam Zadworny is the man behind this product.

He has been a software developer for a long time working on International Navigation Software Dedicated For Commercial Ships.

These skills helped him to create a WordPress Plugin called “The Generation Plugin”, which sold over 1000 copies in the first 8 weeks without any affiliates or prelaunch. He was able to do this using nothing but Warrior Forum, which helped over 1000 bloggers to monetize their blogs.

After this, he created a SAAS software, an alternative to Social Lead Freak Software which was a lot faster and could scrape data from hundreds of fan pages simultaneously on full autopilot.

Later he found a loophole in the push notification advertisings so he created Push Magic. Well, it is undoubtedly clear that Sam Zadworny is a capable creator.

So, I believe that Push Magic will surely be a hit product in the future.

Push Magic Review: What is Push Magic?

As the name indicates, Push Magic is about push notifications. In particular, this involves pushing push notification ads on specific platforms.

Push Magic is the most comprehensive mobile media buying course teaching people how to build a 6-Figure income. It will do all the hard work for you on complete automation such that you don't have to always keep checking the campaigns.

In short Push Magic is for those who are struggling to get started online because they are unable to get traffic and turn that traffic into cash.

To set up an ad campaign, you will need the following:

  • 3-5 offers from a CPA network.
  • A landing page.
  • Tracking device.
  • An ad/creative.

Push Magic Review: Features

Fast track to success: With their innovative 6-Week Challenge you will learn everything about push notification advertising such which offers to choose, how to run campaigns etc.

Affordable monthly fee: Low subscription fee means you can use your extra cash to run campaigns and make your campaign successful.

Replicate Your Success: Use the same tools, scripts, and resources Sam uses in to run his campaigns.

Personal Guidance: Sam Zadworny and other expert marketers will guide in their closed FB group in case you have any doubts or if you are unable to run successful campaigns.

Weekly DFY: Save days of work and over $1000+/month with Weekly DFY package. They will search for the top-performing landers in various verticals and prepare a ready to use DFY lander which drastically cuts off your work time.

Monthly Updates: Stay up to date with the latest strategies and resources.

Covers popular verticals: It covers almost all the popular verticals such as Crypto, Nutra, Sweepstakes, E-Commerce, Casino, Dating And more.

Push Magic Review: What is inside it?

Here's what you can expect inside Push Magic:


Introducing to the Push Notification advertising. Learn how to set up all crucial tech elements. Step-by-step instructional videos. You don’t have to be technical!

  • Newbie Area: Mindset, conversion types, verticals and more explained
  • How To Apply For Affiliate Network Account: Apply for an account where you get your offers to promote
  • How To Register A Domain Name: Register .Com domain for as low as $1
  • How To Setup A VPN: Get and set up the best VPN to view your offers pages
  • How To Apply For Traffic Source Account: Apply for an account where you display your campaigns
  • How To Setup A VPS: Setup virtual private server for $5
  • How To Setup A Tracker: This is a #1 tool of every affiliate running CPA offers
  • How To Setup A CDN: Speed up your lander’s loading time with a content delivery network


Running campaigns from A to Z. Learn about Landing Pages, Tokens, Spy Tools and also how to spy on your competition and how to set up and optimize your campaigns.

  • Spy On Competition: Learn how to properly use Spy Tools and see what’s working right now
  • Fix Ripped Landers: Learn how to fix landers downloaded from Spy Tools
  • Tokens Explained: Learn what tokens are, how they work and how to use them
  • Run Your Campaigns: How to get an offer, add your lander and setup campaign
  • Effective Campaign Optimization: Learn how to optimize your campaign based on collected data
  • Scaling Your Campaign: Pull out 100x more profit from your working campaigns
  • The Whole Process Explained: All the campaign elements described and explained


100% ROI AND BEYOND! Learn About Advanced Techniques That Can Double Your Investment: Turn $100 Into $200, Turn $1000 Into $2000. Each Of Them Can Drastically Increase Your Profit Or Turn Your Negative Campaigns Into Profitable.

The World Of Cloaking – Get Over 100% ROI (Return On Investment) And Hide Your Lander.

  • Blackhat Methods: Use Blackhat Methods To Drastically Increase Your ROI
  • Stealth Mode: Make Your Lander Invisible To Other Affiliates And Spy Tools
  • Cloakers: Learn How To Properly Setup And Use Cloaking Software

Super Fast Funnel – How To Increase Your Profit Even More

  • Superfast Funnel: Speed Up Loading Time Of Various Elements Of The Funnel
  • Superfast Landing Pages: Techniques That Speed Up Your Lander’s Loading Time
  • More Important Than You Think: These Techniques Can Increase Your ROI By Up To 100%


From 0 To First Conversion, And From Conversion To First Profitable Campaign. Week-By-Week, Day-By-Day, Step-By-Step.

Weeks 1-3: Learning Stage – Learn All The Ins And Outs Of Mobile Push Notification Advertising.

  • Basic Knowledge: The Foundation Knowledge For Beginners
  • Tools And Services: Sign-Up To All Necessary Tools And Services
  • Tech Instruction: See How To Setup All The Tech Bits And Pieces
  • Cloaking: Learn Cloaking And Blackhat Methods
  • Top Landers: Explore Their Library Of The Top Landers And Creatives
  • Run Campaigns: Learn How To Setup, Test, Optimise And Scale Your Campaigns

Weeks 4-6: Action Stage – Run And Test More Campaigns, Keep Improving Your ROI


A Pack Of Top Landing Pages And Creatives That Perform The Best In the Last 7 Days – From 6 Of The Best Spy Tools. Ready To Download!

Original (Unchanged) – Unchanged Raw Files Straight From The Spy Tools

  • Categorized: Sorted By The Most Popular Verticals

Processed (Improved) – Prepared For Your Campaigns

  • Suspicious Code Removed: Potentially Harmful Scripts (Can Steal Your Conversions) Removed
  • Optimized For Load Speed: Faster Load = More Profits
  • Money Making Scripts Added: Scripts That they Use In Their Landing Pages Added
  • Fixed Source Code: Common Errors Like Duplicated Text Fixed
  • Source Code Beautified: Source Code Changed From ‘Mess’ To Readable Format


Fresh Content Added At Least Once A Month. New Money-Making Scripts, Case Studies, Latest Strategies And More.

  • COMING IN APRIL: $35.000+ Lander Revealed – The Best Landing Page Described In Details


A Pack Of Tools, Services And Scripts They Personally Use In Their Campaigns And Exclusive Discounts.

  • Resources Mine: A List Of Tools They Personally Use On Daily Basis
  • Money Making Scripts: A Full Library Of Scripts They Use In Their Landers
  • Master Mindmap: Your Cheat Sheet: A Full System On 1 Page


Join Private Facebook Group For Push Magic Members Only. A Closed Community Helping Each Other.

  • Facebook Group: Closed Group Community Helping Each Other


  • Reclaim Your Time: Double Your Productivity
  • Reprogram Your Mind For Success: 8 Mindsets That Lead To Consistent Victory

Push Magic Review: Dashboard

Push Magic Review: How to run a campaign?

Running Campaigns in Push Magic is very simple! Here’s a simplified process In 4 easy steps:

  • Step 1: Pick an offer: Your personal affiliate manager will give you a list of the top-performing offers.
  • Step 2: Setup a campaign: Set up everything needed in your tracker: Add your offer, lander, and campaign.
  • Step 3: Get data and optime: Test, gather data and keep optimizing your campaigns based on that data.
  • Step 4: Scale and profit: Once you create a profitable campaign, just scale it as much as you can and PROFIT.

What does the test and optimize mean?

In simple words, testing means you need to test multiple offers and landing pages. After that when you run some traffic some pages and offers will convert more and others will convert less.

Using this data you can scale up the best performing landing pages and offers.

Push Magic Review: Who should use it?

It is the best tool for people who are new to internet marketing and find it difficult to generate traffic and make money with it. It is suitable for:

  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Marketers
  • Com + Amazon
  • Freelancers
  • Website Owners
  • Social Media Marketers
  • Local Business Owners

Push Magic Review: Pros & Cons

  • Includes tutorials which will help you to get results as fast as possible
  • DFY Weekly & Monthly content
  • High-profit margin
  • Perfect for newbies
  • No skills and experiences required
  • Private FB group will allow you to get help from experts & like-minded people
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • I haven't found any drawbacks

Push Magic Review: Testimonials

"Which Traffic Source/Type And Vertical If Starting This Year? On A Limited Budget And Low Risk, I Would Go For Push Notifications. (…) It’s Definitely The Easiest Way For Someone Looking To Get Started In AM." - Besmir Bregasi (Co-Founder Of STM Forum)

"Let’s Say You Don’t Have Much Money And Need A Couple Of Thousands Per Month To Get You Stable. In That Case, I’d Go With Push Notifications As The Traffic Type." - Emanuel “Manu” Cinca (Founder Of Adefy.Com And WTAff.Co)

"Push Notification Advertising Is Still A Red Hot And Sexy Digital Ad Format. It’s User-Friendly, Highly-Engaging And (At Least Potentially) Much More Profitable Than Other Types Of Online Advertisements." - Dariusz Jaroń (Voluum)

Push Magic Review: Pricing

It has 1 Front-End and 1 OTO:

Front-end: Push Magic Elite - $47/Month (See Details)

  • Video Training: 15 Instructional Videos (From Modules #1, #2 And #3) – $97
  • 6 Weeks Challenge: From Zero To First Conversion And First Successful Campaign – $197
  • Weekly DFY Pack: REAL ANNUAL COST Of Spy Tools And Developer: 12 X $1,058 – $12,696
  • Monthly Content: ESTIMATED ANNUAL COST Of His $30K Lander Etc.: 12 X $97 – $1,164
  • Resources Mine: Tools And Services He Personally Uses In His Campaigns – $197
  • Money Making Scripts: 12+ Scripts For Your Landers Increasing Your Campaigns ROI – $297
  • Master Mindmap: This Is Your Cheatsheet – A Whole System On 1 Page – $497
  • Facebook Group: Closed Group – A Push Magic Community Helping Each Other – $$$
  • All Bonuses: Bonus Courses Included In Your Membership – $97

OTO #1: Push Magic VIP - $247/Month (See Details)

6-Month Subscription For 1-On-1 Coaching.

Downsell To $47/Month

Monthly Subscription For 1-On-1 Coaching.

Push Magic Review: FAQs

Who is Push Magic for?

It is for both expert marketers and newbies. It shows newbies on how to start and generate income online in the affiliate marketing space and teach experts new tech stuff.

Why paid traffic?

Unlike SEO when you use paid traffic you get results almost instantly. You cash in, test campaigns, scale the successful ones and pull money out if it is not working. It’s that simple. You have to keep on testing various different campaigns and find a winner.

What else do I need to get started?

The Minimum you are required to have is tracking software, domain (from $1), and VPS server (from $5). You will find details about it inside the Push Magic. You also need some budget initially to invest in your campaigns.

How much do I need to start running campaigns?

According to Sam Zadworny, you are recommended to have at least $250 to get your feet wet, understand all the mechanics, and learn how to run mobile campaigns properly. However, more is better.

How long does Push Magic take before I start getting profit?

This depends on individual to individual. If you are dedicated to the course can spend enough time and money testing campaign, the sooner you will see results.


I will recommend you to get instant access to this product before the price shoots to double. I will surely help you to generate more traffic and more revenue.

I hope my Push Magic review has answered all your questions regarding this amazing tool. But if you still have any questions then leave a comment below the post to let me know.

Thank You!!!

To receive extra bonuses you need to complete these 3 steps below:

  • Step 1: Order the product by clicking here.
  • Step 2: Choose any 1 of my bonus packages below! Remember that you can pick one more bonus pack for each Upgrade you purchased.
  • Step 3: After your purchase, the product, email me your receipt & your chosen bonuses pack [email protected] so I can confirm your purchase and send you your bonus material.


Bonus #1: Email Marketing Success

Bonus #2: Product Creation Secrets

Bonus #3: Referral Marketing

Bonus #4: Find Your Niche

Bonus #5: Maximizing Your Business With Facebook

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