Specifications of Huawei p50; Good to Know First

If you are wondering about the best smartphone according to your need and you want to search the specifications of any smartphone to have a good choice then here you will find all the information.

According to your needs, we are going to provide you with the bread details of a smartphone that is considered the best part of the Huawei series, yes! We are talking about the Huawei p50. So now if you want to know all the information on the specifications of Huawei p50pro check out this link.

In this article we are going to provide you with all the information about Huawei p50.so don’t go anywhere if you really want the best-selling smartphone.

Important To Know About The Apps Of Huawei p50Pro

Deep down this is also a type of Android. Its software is almost similar to android 11 Although it does not have a google play service, no play store, no Google Maps, and no other google apps.

But still, it is the best smartphone because it has a Huawei app gallery, in place of the google play store, and instead of Google Maps, it has a petal map not only this it also includes an email client.

Specifications of Huawei p50pro


  • The overall height of the Huawei P50pro is almost 17mm
  • The unfolded height is 87.3mm
  • The measured weight is almost 75.5mm
  • Unfolded depth is almost 7.2mm 
  • The folded depth is 15.2
  • Its total weight is almost 190g


  • The size of its main screen is 6.9 inches
  • The cover screen size is 1.04 inches
  • It has almost 1.07 billion colours
  • Its main screen resolution is almost 2790 x 1188
  • Its cover screen resolution is almost 340 x 340 pixels


  • It contains a snapdragon 888 4G
  • It had an octa-core CPU
  • It also had a GPU


  • Huawei p50 pro had the overall RAM of 8 GB
  • The ROM of the Huawei P50pro is almost 256GB

Rare Camera

  • It had a 40 MP true chroma camera
  • 13-megapixel ultra-wide camera for the best angle 
  • Ultra spectrum camera of 32 megapixel
  • It had an automatic focus mode with digital zoom
  • It supports the video resolution up to 3840x 2160 MP 
  • The rare camera also had a rare LED flashlight

Front Camera

  • It had a 10.7 MP selfie camera the 
  • The image resolution is 3776 x 2832
  • almost 3840 x 2160 pixels of video resolution

Capture Mode Of The Rare Camera And Front Camera

Huawei P50pro has lots of captures modes including the following:

Story creature mode, audio zoom, high-res, time-lapse, ultra-wide-angle, dual view video, night macro, panorama, filters stickers, documents, moving picture, ultra snapshot, 4D predictive focus, capture smile, burst shooting.

Battery Life With Charging

  • It has a non-removable battery with the typical value of 400mAh 
  • It supports the Huawei supercharge with a maximum of 40 W of charging.


Summarising the whole article by saying this, the Huawei p50 pocket is the best smartphone if you tend to know it’s all the features in-depth. Although it does not support google related things it has its own software which is a plus point.

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