TheWiSpy App Review: Best Spy App for Android to Hack Mobile Phones

Android spy apps are handy solutions, especially when you want to hack cell phones remotely. The term spy, however, refers to breaching someone’s personal space. But in the parallel universe, cell phone spying can save us in many scenarios.

For instance, monitoring the Android phones of children gives parents peace of mind regarding the cybersecurity of their kids. Similarly, work phone spying enables the business management to have keen eyes on their employees’ productivity.

Not all mobile spy apps for Android deliver 100% results. Some bogus or scam spy apps are also available in the market that only waste user’s time and money. So, while searching for Android spyware, you must do some research on top Android spyware apps.

Or, you can just read this article to get some insights on the world’s leading Android spy app TheWiSpy. If you’re looking to hack your child’s phone or want to spy on your employee’s mobile, then you can blindly trust the TheWiSpy app.

What is TheWiSpy App?

TheWiSpy app is actually a mobile phone monitoring program capable of hacking Android devices like a pro. It secretly integrates with the operating system of the device on which the TWS app is installed.

Then, TheWiSpy starts imitating the ongoing cyber activities of the target device and sends all the recorded data to an online server. The end-user can monitor the gathered information remotely through TheWiSpy dashboard.

Here, you must understand the notion of the end-user and the target user. If you install an Android spy app on a device, then it makes you the end-user.

The person who is being spied or monitored by you will be the target user. TheWiSpy app provides the end-user with complete access to the target device.

It means that you can monitor digital devices remotely without even getting into suspicion.

How TWS App Works? Things You Must Know Before Purchasing the App:

Children are exposed to smart devices more than the previous generation. Cell phones and tablets are indeed helpful for educational purposes. Yet, such devices can invite online dangers to haunt children.

Here, the best spy apps for Android assist parents in monitoring the cyberspace of their juveniles remotely and secretly.

TheWiSpy is a mobile application. Like other apps, you need to install them on the device you desire to monitor. To get the TWS, you have to visit their official website as it is a legal monitoring app.

You can only buy its subscription from the original source. From the TWS website, you can purchase the spyware license.

TheWiSpy will send you a confirmation email containing your end-user account details, app download link. and app installation manual.

Now, the critical part, TWS download, requires one-time access to the target device. Don’t worry; the TWS installation process won’t take more than five minutes.

Once you install the spyware on your target cellular device, it is time to spy on the device remotely. Just log in to the TWS dashboard, and you will be able to track and control the device with remote access. 

Why Would You Need TheWiSpy Android Spy App?

The majority of the world population has cell phones and has an individual online presence.
The threats and difficulties of the online world are of equal intensity for kids as well as businesses.

Most of us do not know how cyber threats can harm our digital and physical life. Unknowingly, we daily surf through the internet without concerning online privacy.

Most people know the hazards of the dark web, but we almost forgot that the surface web itself holds numerous dangers.

Here are some common cyber threats that an online user can encounter through the surface web:

  • Cyberbullying – Trolling, hate speech, and bullying via online messages and comments has become common these days. According to reports, more than 59% of US teens have experienced cyberbullying. Cyberbullying can bring about self-harm and suicidal attempts.
  • Sexting – With online independence, children nowadays get involved in sexting without their parent’s knowledge. 15% of the US kids sext with their boyfriend/girlfriend. 88% of teens admitted to sharing too much personal information online.
  • Catfishing – The online world is full of fake identities. Catfishing is a growing nuisance, with almost 23% of females and 38% of men involved.
  • Business Scams – It is now important to have a digital presence. Unfortunately, online scams and malicious attacks negatively affect businesses and decrease their credibility. As per reports, 92% of cybersecurity attacks are carried out by emails.
  • Online Predation – There are around 500,000 sexual predators in the online world who stay active every day. They befriend minors and, upon gaining their trust, ask for sexual favors. Child abduction has also been reported following online predation cases.

Obviously, no one would like their loved ones or even businesses to face any cyber threat. As the technology advances, it introduces spyware apps, and among such excellent spyware programs, TheWiSpy is a leading brand.

Using the TWS spyware, parents can monitor what their kids do online. Also, TheWiSpy app allows parents to track the whereabouts of their teens and tweens with a few clicks.

TheWiSpy also offers corporate solutions for businesses. Company owners can now monitor the work of Android devices and keep an eye on their employee mobile activities.

TheWiSpy Features: How Can You Protect Your Family & Business with an Android Spy App?

How Can You Protect Your Family & Business with an Android Spy App?

Mobile phones along with unlimited internet are the demand of all kids nowadays. Though the online space has much entertaining and educational content, it is still significant to manage screen time for children.

Just like substance addiction, internet addiction can damage the well-being of kids. And if we talk about the corporate industry, too much cell phone usage among employees can decrease business productivity.

Here are some top-notch features of TWS android spy app and their uses in our routine lives.

Call Recording:

Call Recording

As the name of the feature indicates, TheWiSpy app can record phone calls and fetch details about the callers in real-time.

The call recording feature activates whenever the target device receives or dials a phone call.

The ongoing calls then get recorded as audio files, which the end-user can listen to via an online control panel.

How Can Call Recording be Helpful?

  • Parents can use the call recording feature to listen to their teen’s phone calls. It can help parents to discover if their children have good friends or not.
  • For employers, work phones call recordings to help company management to hear the phone calls of their employees. Businesses can discover if any staff members are leaking corporate details or compromising on the business’s delicate information.
  • The call recording feature can be used for personal devices as well. If you want to record an important phone call, you can just install the TWS on your device and keep all incoming and outgoing phone calls backup at TheWiSpy cloud storage.

SMS Tracking:

SMS Tracking

Do you ever feel the need to read someone’s message inbox? Many of us feel the urge to monitor the SMS texts of our loved ones.

The TheWiSpy SMS tracker app helps you spy on the text messages of your target device without any hacking attempts.

The app records sent and received text messages and uploads all the gathered SMS texts to the control panel.

It also records the sender/recipient details and empowers you to delete or block the contacts.

How Can SMS Tracking be Helpful?

  • With sexting, catfishing, and the use of inappropriate words, it is significant for parents to keep tabs on their teen’s SMS activities. Parents can remotely read SMS conversations of their teens and block contacts that they find suspicious.
  • At the corporate level, spying on text messages on company-owned devices is crucial. Employers must know what sort of text messages their employees send or receive using their work phones. It can also help businesses find resources that make secret contact with business rivals.
  • If you desire to back up your text chats, the TheWiSpy app can serve you. It can store all your text conversations on a web server.

Screen Recording:

Screen recording

Do you know how much screen time is advisable for kids?

Two hours per day!

TheWiSpy screen recording helps you discover the online activities of your target device. It records the live screen happenings and sends the video files to a remote dashboard from which you can monitor what your child, spouse, or employee does on his/her cell phone.

How Can Screen Recording be Helpful?

  • Excessive screen time among children is the major concern of parents nowadays. As per reports, teenagers, on average, spend 9 hours approx daily. Among tweens aging 8 to 12 years, the average screen time is 4 to 6 hours per day. Parents can monitor the screens of their juveniles and restrict apps and games remotely.
  • Work phone screen recording helps employers to know if their staff is using a cell phone for work tasks or just wasting duty hours watching movies or scrolling social media.

GPS Tracking:

GPS Tracking

An Android spy app is incomplete if it does not offer an effective GPS tracking feature. The TheWiSpy location tracking follows the GPS of the target device. It sends instant updates on the whereabouts of the phone/tablet you are monitoring.

It also gathers the location history, including visited places, routes are taken, etc., along with dates and timestamps. TheWiSpy GPS tracker helps you follow your target device location in a better way.

How Can GPS Tracking be Helpful?

  • It is always better to know where your kids are during the pandemic. With TheWiSpy live GPS tracker, parents can locate their kids remotely on an online map and make sure they are at a protected place outside.
  • For businesses, tracking the whereabouts of employees is vital nowadays. With most of the companies working remotely, it is important to know if your employees are at their homes performing their work duties or hanging out somewhere else.
  • GPS tracking can also be helpful to track robbed or stolen devices. If you had the TheWiSpy app pre-installed in your phone before it got robbed, you could easily track down the device from the control panel.

Mic and Camera Spying:

Mic and camera spying

When it comes to spying on the surroundings of your target device, TheWiSpy offers two unique features known as surround recording and camera spy.

The surround recording feature of the TWS app activates the microphone of the device you want to monitor.

You can hear all the recorded sounds and noises that surround your target device. Similarly, a camera spy lets you control the device camera and capture the surroundings by clicking photos or making short videos.

The best part of both of the features is that you can control the activation of the mic or camera remotely.

It means, whenever you feel your child or loved one is at a suspicious place, you can just activate the mic or camera to know about their surroundings.

How Can Mic / Camera Spying be Helpful?

  • Environment monitoring has become essential during the present times, where cyber and social threats can harm children. By monitoring on camera and microphone or kids’ devices, parents can live in serenity by knowing their children sit in a good community.
  • Spying on the mic and camera of work phones helps business management to boost productivity and to know the extra-curricular activities of their workforce during their office timings.

Does TheWiSpy Support Your Target Device?

TheWiSpy is a popular Android spy app that can hack Android smartphones and tablets secretly. Currently, the TWS does not support any other operating system besides Android.

If your target device runs on the Android 4.0 or higher OS version, it is surely compatible with TheWiSpy app.

Being the best spy app for Android, TWS offers flexible subscription packages starting from $9.99.

To install TheWiSpy on your target device, you must go through the installation instruction guide from the TWS website. You can also test the live app demo before purchasing the license subscription.

The End Note:

People in the present times are looking for solutions to spy on the mobile devices of their family and business staff. TheWiSpy is the best spy app for Android that offers high-class spying features and affordable prices in real-time. Be it social media monitoring or text message tracking, the spyware is efficient enough to track everything from the target device.

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