Top 5 best cloud storage apps

Gone are those days when we had to store our important data in CDs, pen drives etc. With fast changing technology we have moved from local storage to server-based storage also called as “Cloud Storage”. The best cloud storage services provide various features such as security, encryption, a high storage facility at low cost, easy shareable links, etc. If you are looking for best cloud storage for free then this the ultimate and a detailed guide for it.

Best Cloud Storage
Top 5 Best Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is a service which lets users store their data over the internet in logical pools. They are managed by the third party hosting companies. The cloud storage service providers are responsible for accessible, available and theft protected from hackers. The cloud services include storing important data like photos, videos, documents etc.

Different types of Cloud storage?

Free cloud storage provides only a limited storage. To upgrade you need to pay for different packages according to your need. So they are classified into 3 types-

a.) Private: As the name suggests it is used for private purposes and is not accessible to unauthorized users. This includes personal cloud storage or enterprise cloud storage.

b.) Public: It allows anyone to access the database of the storage. This storage can be used for free or can be purchased.

c.) Hybrid: It is a combination of both private and public clouds where we can customize it according to our needs. Through it, we can keep the most important data on the private cloud and while less important data on the public cloud.

Note: This list isn’t in a order of preference. You are advised to choose any/all apps as you wish.

So here is the list of top 5 Free and Best Cloud Storage service providers :

1.) Google drive

Google drive comes as an uncalled guest for android users as its already integrated into the android phones. Google Drive offers 15 GB of free storage facility so that you can save images, videos, documents etc.


♦ Directly save any attachments to Google Drive in Gmail by hovering over the attachment and clicking “Save to Drive”.

♦ Once your documents and images are scanned you can perform an in-app search in drive and get the related search results in the form of images, documents.

♦ It can snap paper documents in its android app. Take a snap of your receipts, bills etc. and it will save them as PDF.

♦ You can also save documents offline.

♦ Save any file in any format.


100GB- $1.99/mo ,

1TB-  $9.99/mo
10TB- $99.99/mo.

2.) Dropbox

It is certainly the King of Best free cloud storage out there. With 2GB of free storage, you can it extended further to 16GB by linking your Dropbox to social media and referring the app to friends. 


♦ Dropbox stores 30 days’ worth of older copies, in case you need to restore some deleted files of the past 30 days. With a PRO account, you can get an Extended Version History feature.

♦ Dropbox detects a change in the file and automatically uploads and downloads the parts that have changed.

♦ The PRO version comes in 2 versions- Individual and Business.

♦ The Business version contains features like

i.) Link permissions – You can password protect your links, disable downloads, or set expiration dates. 

ii.) Admin privileges – Easily monitor team activity and audit sharing activity.

 iii.) File recovery – Easily recover deleted files and restore previous versions. 

♦ The Individual version has features like 

i.) Recover data from the previous 120 days. 

ii.) Smart sync which saves hard disk space.

iii.) 1TB (1000GB) space.


Individual- Plus 1 TB – @9.99/ mo
Business- Standard $12.50/ mo (2TB of space), $20/ mo (unlimited space), Enterprise (undisclosed).


3.) Microsoft Onedrive 

Microsoft one drive was formerly known as (SkyDrive) comes as pre-installed in Windows 10’s file explorer. It is another best cloud storage option for the Windows users because it is also compatible with Microsoft’s Photos app which can sync photos across all devices. It offers 5GB of free storage.


♦ Easily accessible across any device and any changes made will be updated across all devices.

♦ Save your data offline.

♦ It is encrypted using SSL.

♦ Easily shareable links. 

♦ Through its mobile app, you can scan and store any documents such as business cards, bills etc.

♦ You can set an expiry time for your shareable link.


Personal- 50GB for $1.99/ mo.

Business- 1TB for $16.99/ mo for (Storage + OFfice 365).


4.) Box

It offers 10GB of free cloud storage. It supports various other Box integration features. It also has an official app and emphasizes simplicity and organization. 


♦ Easily share large files with a simple link.

♦ Easy access your files anywhere, online or offline. 

♦ You can turn folders into shared online workplaces where anyone can co-edit it in Microsoft Office 365 or in Box Notes. 

♦ It is equipped with enterprise-grade security.

♦ You can share confidential documents with password protected links which has an expiry date on those links.

♦ To know more about their security you can visit their security page click here.


Individuals- $10/ mo for 100GB storage.

Business- Most popular business plan is $15 with unlimited storage, minimum of 3 users and no maximum limit. 

5.) Mediafire

It not only offers 10GB of free storage but also extend it to 50GB of free cloud storage through referrals. It has a very easy to use interface for both its web and official mobile app. 


♦ It provides unlimited bandwidth for uploads and downloads.

♦ You can upload thousands of files at once through its mobile app or web browser.

♦ It has its own file manager which makes it easy to upload, copy, move etc. files. 

♦ Its one-time links let you share the link to the recipient and the recipient won’t be able to share that link further to anybody else.

♦ Download the offline copy of any file to edit it in case of no internet connection. 


PRO offers 1TB for $3.75/ mo billed (annually).

The Business plan offers 100TB for $40/ mo (billed quarterly).

Cloud Storage Comparison: 

Cloud storage
Free Storage
Android app
iOS app
Best deal
Google Drive
1TB-  $9.99/mo.
1TB-  $9.99/mo.
2 GB (can be extende upto 16 GB )
1TB -$8.25/ mo.
1TB -$8.25/ mo.
Microsoft Onedrive
5 GB of free storage
50GB- $1.99/ mo.
1TB- $16.99/ mo (Storage + OFfice 365).
1TB- $16.99/ mo
10 GB
100 GB- $10/ mo,
Unlimited storage for $15/ mo.
Unlimited storage for $15/ mo.
10 GB (can be extended upto 50GB)
1 TB- $3.75/mo,
100TB- $40/mo
1TB- $3.75/mo


So these are the top 5 free cloud storage service providers in the market. You can choose anyone depending on your need like if you value your privacy more then go for Mega, if you don’t want to spend any money then you can go for Mediafire as it can be extended up to 50 GB with referrals. If you are a business professional and if you require a huge amount of data to be backuped then you can go for Dropbox as their pricing are also flexible. Do let us know which one of the cloud storage provider is your favorite. If you think we missed out on any of the cloud service providers then do comment and let us know.

best cloud storage infographics
Best Cloud Storage Infographics

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