Top 5 Best Free File Manager Apps For Android 2018

Top 5 Best Free File Manager Apps For Android 2018 

Our mobile phones have a pre-installed file manager app but it is an absolute trash in some smartphones. Most of them have a dirty design, confusing configs, lack of advanced tasks such as FTP, LAN file transfers etc. So I have compiled a list of 5 best free file manager apps for all smartphones. 

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5 Best Free File Manager Apps For Android

What is a File Manager app?

On base level file manager app is a software which helps in performing basic tasks such as finding, copying, pasting files. But it can also perform various tasks such as sending and receiving files over FTP, LAN FTPS server. Play videos, music or edit images within the app, analyze storage space, clear junk files, compress, decompress different file formats.

Top 5 Best Free File Manager Apps For Android

1.) ES File Explorer

It is one of the few best file manager apps when it comes to file explorer. It has 100+ million downloads with 4.6/5 rating by over 6 million users. It not only performs basic operations like a copy, cut, paste but also has features like built-in ZIP and RAR compression, decompression, direct cloud storage to various cloud platforms and many more features

It has a clean design which helps navigate us through a variety of options inside the app.


♠️ Transfer and Receive files, images, videos without wirelessly without mobile data

♠️ Built-in video player, image and document explorer.

♠️ Customize themes according to your needs.

♠️ Can compress and decompress ZIP files and unpack RAR files and supports

256-bit encryption of ZIP files

♠️ Supports direct cloud storage to Dropbox, Google Drive, Yandex and many

more platforms

♠️ Has a built-in root explorer for file management of root smartphones.

♠️ Manage files on FTP, FTPS, SFTP servers.    

♠️ Copy and paste files between Bluetooth connected devices.

♠️ Built in Note Editor supports 30 languages like Java, Javascript, Ruby etc.

♠️ Cache Cleaner helps clean up junk files, duplicate files easily.

♠️ Create gestures to open any file or folder quickly.

supports Chromecast features. 

Download it from here.

2.) File Explorer by Astro (File Manager)

Astro file manager has over 50+ million downloads and over 4.3 rating by more than 600K users. 

One of the many best features of Astro File Manager is it is ad-free.  


♠️ Storage analyzer helps you take care of storage space used by unused apps and delete junk files.

♠️ Supports cloud storage for Box, Google Drive, Onedrive, and Dropbox.

♠️ Compress, decompress files to WinRAR and WinZip formats in seconds.

♠️ Has an inbuilt multimedia player for images, videos, and music. 

Download it from here.

3.) Solid Explorer File Manager

With a clean design, it is very easy to navigate between different folders but it comes with a trial version of 14 days after that you have to buy it. It also gives the option to choose custom themes, color schemes, and icon sets. It is growing in popularity with over million downloads and 4.6 rating.   


♠️ Change the name of multiple files at once.

♠️ Detailed information on storage with statistics.

♠️ Has a root explorer for users with rooted smartphones. 

♠️ Supports cloud service like Dropbox, GD, Mediafire and more.

♠️ Create password protected Zip and 7Zip archives.

♠️ Can extract and read Zip, Rar, Tar archives.

♠️ Supports FTP,SFTP, WebDav,SMB/CIFS server clients.

Download it from here.

4.) File Manager by ASUS

It has 50+ million downloads and also has a rating of 4.6/5 by 750k+ users. 

The home screen of Asus File Manager gives a complete overview one needs to know about the mobile phone such as images, videos, apps, documents,

storage etc. with a clean design. It is doesn’t have any ads and is absolutely free with all the features unlocked.  


♠️ Files can be easily accessed with LAN and SMB network.

♠️ Supports cloud storage for ASUS Webstorage, DropBox, GD, Onedrive.

♠️ Inbuilt streaming for videos, music, and images.

♠️ Storage analyzer helps you analyze the storage easily.

♠️ Hide your important files in its hidden cabinet.

♠️ Easily transfer files between PC and Android. 

Download it from here.

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5.) Amaze File Manager

Amaze file manager is the newest file manager app in the market. With just over 500k+ downloads it has 4.3/5 ratings. It is an open source software which makes it different from other file explorers as it can be improved by other developers. It is completely ad-free.


♠️ Light and smooth.

♠️ Work on multiple tabs at the same time.

♠️ Extract and Zip any folder.

♠️ Has fingerprint encryption.

♠️ Root Explorer for rooted devices.

Download it from here.

5 Best Free File Manager Apps For Android
5 Best Free File Manager Apps For Android


If you just make a random search for a file manager on play store you can find tons of different apps out of which most are absolute trash and shady apps trying to steal your personal information. It is very difficult to choose one reliable app out of them and we wonder what is the best file manager for android. 

So this is why I picked 5 best free file manager apps which have varieties of features compared to rest of apps such as LAN, FTP, SMB server supports, compressing and decompressing of RAR, Zip files, chromecast feature, in-built multimedia features etc. You can choose whichever app you want according to your need.

If you think I missed out on some of the other best apps then do comment down below. 

Thank You for reading. 

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